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Fornasetti Profumi Mani Otto Candle

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Barnaba Fornasetti has created a truly beautiful living piece featuring the timeless artwork of his father Piero Fornasetti and housing the beautiful fragrance, Otto, created by Olivier Polge.

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Hands throwing your money away

My love of home fragrance has brought me to some interesting places and this is truly something special. Even when the candle has finished, I will still be able to use this beautiful ceramic jar to house other candles or tea-lights. It’s a subtle accent in the room and not something that overtly screams for attention, yet it silently beckons you over to investigate, touch and smell.

So the design, Mani, one of Barnaba’s father’s illustrations and most likely to be the hand of the enchanting Lina Cavalieri. The hand is said to represent the throwing away of money, so as you burn the candle, your money is disappearing into thin air; it’s cheeky and I love it.

The fragrance is fabulously middle-eastern with a prominent base of Tolu Balsam, Incense, Birch, Styrax and Labdanum. Even the heart notes are rich and deep with Orris and Cedarwood finally accented with a top of Thyme and Lavender. It smells like old books, leather armchairs and wooden floors with a slight breeze from the garden coming through an open window.

The candle is a soft vegetable wax and burns incredible evenly. I know I always repeat this but with any candle on its first burn, make sure it melts as far to the edge as it’s willing to go; this will make sure the candle doesn’t just burn through the centre leaving wasted and unused wax.

You can buy the Fornasetti Profumi Mani Otto Candle direct from United Perfumes here for £99.

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