Filorga ISO Structure Absolute Firming Cream

With 98 ingredients and 66% of those being actives, this thirst-quenching, lifting and firming moisturiser from Filorga has really packed a lot in.

The product relies on NCTF, an incredible dense form of hyaluronic acid that ensures moisture is well bonded to skin cells but also those intercellular spaces are filled, plumped and leave your skin’s surface looking firmer and younger.

There’s 12 vitamins to help stimulate healthy cell function; 23 amino acids to stimulate the production and reparation of elastin and collagen; 5 nucleic bases to aid communication between cells which is vital when attempting to kick start repairs at a dermal base-level; finally an antioxidant has been loaded in here to help prevent oxidant damage that can cause all sorts problems as you age.

Filorga ISO Structure Absolute Firming Cream, as well as being a great anti ageing moisturiser for anyone wanting to start to undo some of the visible surface damage, or someone who just wants to prepare for the future (always use a daily SPF) this is a great all rounder with some fabulous targeted and clinically proven ingredients. Also, it’s great for anyone who ‘s undergone both invasive and/or non-invasive cosmetic procedures as a means to help reduce possible scar tissue and boost the repair process.

It feels great on the skin and despite being rich, it isn’t greasy nor does it leave you feeling clammy. I would say this is for a normal-dry skin type and won’t be as appropriate if you’re more of an oily-combination. It’s well compacted into the pot and should last you a good while.

Filorga ISO Structure Absolute Firming Cream is available here from Marks & Spencer Beauty for £54/50ml.

Harvey Specter
Posted at 20:55 December 14, 2013

My mom uses this currently at night I think, or was it time filler.. Don’t know.
Sure has good effect on her skin so far.

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