La Roche-Posay REDERMIC [R] EYES Anti-Wrinkle Firming Eye Treatment

If you read my post earlier today of the Avene TriAcnéal EXPERT Night Treatment, this was the second product I bought in the Boots 3 for 2.

To use it’s full name, the La Roche-Posay REDERMIC [R] EYES Anti-Wrinkle Firming Eye Treatment (phew) is a retinol-based eye treatment that targets lines and wrinkles around the eye-area.

Winkle treatments at 25? You’re being ridiculous, Thom!

I recently had a VISIA skin consultation which I’ve been overdue for YEARS which gives in-depth skin analysis through various levels of UV and filtered photography: Standard light IntelliFlash, Cross Polarized flash and Ultraviolet lighting. This shows you what you really don’t want to see including bacteria, blemishes, lines, wrinkles and UV damage. I highly recommend it!

At 25 and considering this is my job, my skin age came out as 20 (hurrah), but with more advanced emerging lines around my eyes than is average for my age – also in the middle of the forehead.

So where do I go? Firstly, prevention is better than the cure. I’ve been using the La Mer Eye Concentrate for years which is great for lifting, smoothing and firming, but doesn’t include the levels of retinol needed to gently shock collagen production – enter the La Roche-Posay REDERMIC [R] EYES Anti-Wrinkle Firming Eye Treatment (say it three-times fast!).

Fine, fine, OK. What does it do?

The Redermic treatment, designed for sensitive eyes, contains 0.1% Pure Retinol, + 0.1% LRP Retinol booster complex and +0.2% Caffeine. The caffeine soothes and calms irritation whilst the retinol stimulates skin cell production deep into the skin, and shocks collagen producing cells into action.

It feels incredible. I’ve been keeping it in the fridge, and using it both morning and night, it feels very luxurious and definitely more expensive than its modest £16.50 price-tag!

I’m looking forward to continuing with this and seeing some results. Just make sure when you use it to also use a daily SPF (UVA/UVB) as retinols do make the skin more prone to UV damage if you don’t.

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