Molton Brown Skin Firming Lipoamino Hydrator / Londinium

A good few months back, actually the beginning of easter, I was sent these two fabulous products through from Molton Brown who wanted to give me loads of time to live with the products before deciding if I’d like to write about them before their launch, this week. Needless to say, the products were superb and a warmly welcomed addition to my Molton Brown product collection. Both will launch this Thursday the 17th.

Skin Firming Lipoamino Hydrator

Now this was a little too rich for my skin as I’m an oily/combination and from reading the packet as well as the ingredients, I don’t think it’s been designed as such and is really for a normal/dry combination. So, as always, having test subjects constantly around me, I gave it to one of my good friends who I thought it would suit perfectly. The product is designed to plump and firm skin whilst intensely hydrating. It does it using japanese hinoki extract that delivers the lipoamino acid to fill out skin cells. My tester found an immediate plumping effect of the skin, particularly around the eyes and mouth. They also told me and showed me that their dry patches that often accumulate around the nose were reduced and felt more comfortable. It was safe to say that I would never be getting this product back from them any time soon.

Navigations Through Scent: LONDINIUM (51° 50’N, 0° 09’W)

Wow. Getting its inspiration from the city of London, timed perfectly for the arrival of the Olympic games, this fragrance really encapsulates the bustling, vibrance of London. If you close your eyes and smell, you really could be stood in Oxford street eyeing the windows of the beautiful stores that line it, watching people hurrying past as buses and taxis line the streets. It’s really quite a magical blend of urbanity and regality. With top notes of Bergamot and Juniper Berries, middle notes of Myrrh and Oak Moss Absolute, all constructed on a foundation of Incense, Malt Accord. This is a fragrance to really get excited about and I found that it really stays with you during the day with very little need to reapply. The fragrance will be launched with the moisturiser this Thursday the 17th as a limited edition, but apparently may end up staying as a permanent item in the collection.

Skin Firming Lipoamino Hydrator £38/50ml  // LONDINIUM £75/50ml – Launching 17th May and will be available at Molton Brown Online

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