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I’ve long been a user of GHD hair stylers and, as anyone who owns a pair of hair straighteners will know, they are generally considered to be one of the industry’s best. However, with the hefty price tag of £129, they don’t come cheap.

FHI are a company I’ve been vaguely aware of for a while now and I know more than one professional hair stylist who has claimed that they actually prefer using these in their salon instead of the new GHDs, protesting that they get better results with FHI and that their products are more durable. I’m not talking about men’s barbers by the way- I mean the kind of hair salons that charge £35 a pop for a short back and sides.

So, after trying the 1 inch FHI Platform series I can honestly understand why it’s becoming the stylist’s choice. They’re awesome! Although my hair does have a tendency to kink slightly as it grows, overall I have pretty straight hair. Luckily, my other half has the thickest, curliest hair of all time and was happy to take on the role of test subject. Rather than take my word for it, I can show you the amazing results and let you be the judge:






It took no time at all to get his hair like this (it actually took less time than it did with GHDs). The FHI straighteners seemed to glide more easily and actually run about 12 degrees hotter than GHD stylers- a difference that made a great deal of difference but without burning or over-heating the hair at all.

The stylers have a pretty good thermostat: a standard flash alert system with a red LED that flashes rapidly when it gets to full temperature. They remain steadily hot as long as they stay on and don’t overheat. The thermostat is adjustable from about 60 degrees upwards so you can adjust it appropriately depending on your hair thickness (someone with very fine hair will need a lot less heat than the thick-haired bugger featured in the pictures above).

The resin body does get warm but not so much that you can’t hold it or have it against your scalp. The device feels very solid in your hand; it has a nice weight to it and genuinely feels like a good quality piece of kit. The positioning of the plates is also incredibly accurate so even when you really clamp them shut, there isn’t any pulling on the hair.

Finally, with their red and black design, they look sexy as hell- what more could you want?!

FHI Platform Hair Straighteners £59.95/each at The Modern Man with Free Delivery and 10% off your first order by entering MANFACE12 at the Checkout.


The Modern Man is a great online destination for all you guys (and girls) and even though you do see them there on my sidebar, my views remain completely unbiased.

Posted at 21:47 December 7, 2018

I really like my Karmin.

Posted at 22:15 February 22, 2012

You’re more than welcome, it was a wonderful device and something I’ll definitely use and recommend for many years to come.


Posted at 21:06 February 22, 2012
Janice McCafferty

Hi Thom, on behalf of FHI Heat and my agency we want to thank you for the wonderful post.

Janice McCafferty, Publicist for FHI Heat

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