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Crème de la Mer The Essence

The 21 day, £1,500 treatment from Crème de la Mer. This is the pure treatment, this is an almost pure concentration of that little bit of magic that comes in every product from the brand – The Miracle Broth, developed by botanist and physicist Dr. Max Huber.

After 21 days, skin is said to be visibly reborn. This is for when you feel your skin has given up and needs complete regeneration. Normally only sold by innovation only, The Essence comes in very limited supply. Once in my life, around 3 years ago, I was able to sample the tiniest amount on the back of my hand, needless to say it feels incredible.

Even plastic surgery won’t always alter the condition of the skin, so for anyone considering the knife or having recently gone under it, if you can get hold of this to compliment your work then you’ll be in good hands.

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