Creme de la Mer Oil Absorbing Lotion


The Oil Absorbing Lotion gives you all the power of the original Creme de la Mer whilst reducing surface oil on the skin. The lotion contains the exact same concentration of The Miracle Broth as the original but is completely oil free.The plastic pump tube is a much better design in my opinion as it’s more portable and much lighter, as well as incredibly hygienic, as the formula contains very little artificial fragrance.

The miracle broth is an unknown formula derived from a very limited supply of rare sea kelp combined with a lifetime of cell research by the now late Dr. Max Huber, an astrophysicist and botanist. He created the broth to heal the scars he incurred from a rocket accident that left most of his face inflamed with scar tissue. After years of use, his scarring was reduced to virtually nothing and was completely accountable to his Miracle Broth. The even cooler thing is, is that from his original batch, a small amount was saved to be then used to formulate the next and this continued, meaning there’s a small amount of his original creation in every pot, tube and pump of Creme de la Mer.

There’s very little reason for me to go into the ingredients with this, as it doesn’t follow normal rules and formulas, its a one off. What I can say is that from the moment you apply the product, as well as a visible reduction in oil, the skin feels different, smoother, softer and more radiant. After only a few days use, as opposed to weeks, the skin changes for the better. My occasional blemishes disappear without a trace, leaving no red marks. Skin is calmed.

It’s difficult to write a review on this product because I know what some of you must be thinking, but it’s really not just a moisturiser, it’s beyond that. Look at it in this nerdy manly way: MI5 have all sorts of technology that can do things we only see in Sci-Fi films, stuff that won’t come onto the mass market for years to come. Well Créme de la Mer Oil Absorbing Lotion is that.

Creme de la Mer Oil Absorbing Lotion £150/50ml at Creme de la Mer Online

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