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Clinique Skin Supplies For Men Dark Spot Corrector The Results

Clinique Skin Supplies For Men Dark Spot Corrector The Results

If you want to know more about the product itself, you can find my original Clinique Skin Supplies For Men Dark Spot Corrector article here, and the 2 week initial progress check is here.

So, 2 months and a half months on, what have the results been? Below are 3 photos of my progress, starting before using the product, 2 weeks on and then 2 and a half months on.

This is before I used the product. Notice that pores, particularly around the nose are enlarged, and there are spots of hyperpigmentation accross the tops of the cheek. This is the most common area of sun damage. The red crosses are covering freckles – no commercially-available pigmentation product will touch these. In the red circle is a concentrated patch of hyperpigmenation and the main focus of the trial. Will Clinique Skin Supplies For Men Dark Spot Corrector be able to shift it?

Second week in, and there is no real visible difference. What I can tell you though is that my skin felt firmer and overall looked slightly brighter. I was having less trouble with ingrown hairs around the beard area and spot production was massively reduced.

So 2 and a half months in, and the 2 bottles that Clinique sent through to me are both empty. The hyperpigmentation within the red circle is still visible, but has faded, changed colour and is starting to break up. You will also notice that a lot of the other, lighter hyperpigmentation that’s visible in the first photograph has now disappeared almost entirely. My skin feels smoother, outbreaks are at an all time low and I’m finding other products more effective as there is no external barrier of dead skin preventing them from penetrating. Overall complexion is brighter, whiter and more even.

Now I will point out that these are not proper dermatologically photographed images, and are photos I’ve taken myself. I’ve tried to keep lighting and environmental factors as closely matched as I could and have then used the same image processing techniques on Photoshop.

In conclusion, I really would recommend this product. Initially the price point is not high, but  is overall as you’re going to use around one bottle per month. I have definitely seen an improvement in both the texture and appearance of the skin  and if your concern is with pigmentation, skin tone or blocked pores / blemishes, then this is definitely worth a go.

It’s available at a whole number of outlets, and the links are here for John Lewis, here for Boots, here for House of Fraser, here for Debenhams and finally here for Mankind. If you’ve got any questions about the product or if you’ve had good / bad experiences then please drop me a comment below.

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