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Cire Trudon Bartolomé Candle

Cire Trudon Bartolome Candle Votive

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As a big Cire Trudon fan and a long standing speaker of Spanish, Batolomé ticked all the right boxes before even opening its pale blue and red labelled box.

The story behind Cire Trudon Bartolomé takes us back to the days of Christopher Columbus, an era when Spain ruled the waves with their fearsome Armada. Bartolomé de las Casas’s father, Pedro de Las Casas, travelled with Columbus to the indies where the natives were to be enslaved and treated unconscionably.

Columbus was known for being a bit of a sh*t  and as with many empires and conquests, treatment of those conquered was never all that great, to say the least. Bartolomé de las Casas visited these regions, was ultimately ordained as a Dominican Priest and fought as an advocate, activist and change maker on behalf of the native people, repealing laws that allowed the Spanish to do with them as they pleased. He was an all round good egg.

In homage to one of History’s first egalitarians, Cire Trudon created Bartolomé, a soft, wood-tinged breeze that spreads a message of peace and calmness across the lush Caribbean island.

Cire Trudon Bartolomé has top notes of nutmeg and saffron; a brimming heart of cypress, carrot seed and liquorice; finally a base of cedar, vetiver, vanilla and amber. The cold throw is rather fabulous; you can smell the heat and humidity as the wood of the ship and salty sea air fills your nose. The liquorice is very prominent.

When lit, Bartolomé really comes into its own, opening up into a gigantic Buque de la Armada (navy vessel) as you’re transported to the shores of Hispaniola.

As Cire Trudon candles are so complex, intriguing and undoubtedly exciting, I love burning them with company as they’re a wonderful conversational piece. Not only is Cire Trudon Bartolomé housed in green, wine bottle glass with a gorgeous golden label, but the scents have the ability to lasso the conversation and as you’ll discover with Bartolomé, nobody really quite expects the Spanish inquisition that ensues.

The larger Cire Trudon Bartolomé Candle has around an 40 hour burn time with it’s travel-sized counterpart having around half this, maybe a little less. It’s available to buy in-store or order from the Cire Trudon boutique in London (36 Chiltern Street, London W1U 7QL / +44 207 486 7590). Cire Trudon Bartolomé is  not one to be missed.

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