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Christmas with Creme de La Mer: The Limited Edition Candle

Christmas with Creme de La Mer: The Limited Edition Candle

Your eyes are not deceiving you, this really is a Creme de La Mer candle. When I was show this at the press meeting, I almost choked on my drink.

La Mer have never released a candle before and this is an exclusive limited edition for Christmas.

It doesn’t quite smell like Creme de La Mer; there’s a resemblance but you don’t have that tea-lime extract which surprised me.

What you do get however, is just incredible. Its cold throw (candle-speak for unlit), is a bit, “meh” and fairly nondescript, but when lit, it comes into a world of its own; immersing you in the world of Creme de La Mer. A valuable lesson to never judge a book (candle) by its cover (cold throw).

La Mer Candle

It’s all about the sea and the sky; being very ozonic and space-creating. It sprouts and mists bergamot, water lily, honeysuckle and violet; some of the most luxurious and expensive essential oils on the planet.

When Christmas gets too much; when the high street is unbearable; the family are frantic and the house is chaotic; shut yourself in the bathroom, run a gentle, hot bath and turn off the lights with the La Mer candle flickering away in the corner.

Visually, the candle glows gently and as the votive is relatively transparent, green glass; it has a green shimmer that’s as calming as the fragrance. The lid is a beautiful chromed metal with the La Mer logo engraved.

You’re going to get 50 hours burn time which is a long time for a votive of this size, proving the quality of the wax; it’s not going to evaporate in moments, trust me.

The Creme de La Mer Candle is available direct from House of Fraser with 19% off at £65 with Free Delivery. I’m ordering another one as we speak…

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