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Argentum Apothecary Silver Infused Skincare

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I’ve used and reviewed the Argentum skin cream before back in 2013 when the brand first launched with only the skin cream. The brand relies on two essential skincare componants: the first being Silver Hydrosol and then DNA HP Marine Extract.

Argentum products feature almost 100% natural ingredients and are perfect for problem skin. I’ve ever used silver-lined plasters, Silver Hydrosol in skincare works in a similar way; it’s highly antibacterial as well as hugely calming and anti-inflammatory.

The DNA HP Marine Extract, closely based on Nobel Prize winning research. It traps the toxic radical ‘hydroxyl’ which is molecule highly reactive to collagen and elastin and causes their oxidation and degradation. Additionally, DNA HP’s structure is such that it can penetrate cutaneous intercellular space, promoting and increasing skin hydration by carrying 10,000 times its weight in water.

Le Savon Lune Cleansing Bar

Back in 2013, I said there was a cleansing bar launching and it’s here, Le Savon Lune (Moon Soap). It’s a 100% soap-free cleansing bar and won’t leave your skin dry. For reference, it reminds me a little of Clinique’s cleansing bars as far as foam and feel. The bar is amazing for blemishes as it’s loaded with the two feature ingredients as well as Glycerin and Shea Butter. This is not your usual cleanser and even though it strictly isn’t I’d equate it to many of the medicated cleansing bars found in Asia from the likes of Kose.

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Le Savon Lune also features the distinctive fragrance, by Delphine Thierry, with sandalwood, patchouli and geranium leaves. Being soap free, make sure you keep this bar dry after use; the packaging massively stresses this. Don’t leave it in a non-holed soap dish or in a travel container with any moisture otherwise it’ll ruin.

This is not your usual cleanser and takes some very heavy duty active ingredients, 98% natural ingredients and no soap; putting them into a bar form in order to last you for a very long time; it’s pretty big too at 150g. This is not easy to do and so doesn’t remotely surprise me having a £104 price tag. It might look like a soap and act like a soap, but this ain’t no soap.

La Potion Infinie Moisturiser

Give my previous review a read for La Potion Infinie as the formulation hasn’t changed and I went into some depth with it. This is not just the moisturiser, but also works as a serum, eye cream and face cream; it’s a very strange texture, weight and feel but you’ll love it and so will your skin; it’s just not what you’re used to.

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As we drifted into summer, my skin broke out viciously. 3 days after a new pot of this arrived and I started using it again; it mostly cleared up. I can’t give it a clearer recommendation than that. This is not a ‘rubbing’ moisturiser; instead take a small amount into your finger ends, press together to warm and then gently press into the skin all over.

L’étoile Infinie Facial Oil

As mentioned, La Potion Infinie is great for normal/combination skin, but even for my combination crises, I sometimes need a bit more protection and moisture. In steps L’étoile Infinie facial oil. This can either be used on its own, or with the moisturiser. It’s a dry oil with a non-comodegenic formulation of pure argan, abyssinian and kukui with a little Vitamin E antioxidant protection thrown in – that’s it! These luxurious and skin perfecting oils are all you’re going to find here; Argentum haven’t even included their natural feature-fragrance.

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To use it with the moisturiser, apply that first and then take a drop of the oil, warm in your hands and press into the skin. You can also just add a drop into your hand with the moisturiser and then press into the skin together; it’s totally up to you. To apply on its own, do just that; take 2-3 drops, warm in your hand and then press all over the skin. I found using it on its own at night left my skin feeling like silk in the morning. L’étoile Infinie is also a good skin hangover cure and can even be used as a reparative hair serum – it’s a very versatile product.

La Lotion Infinie Body Cream

This just finished me off. I love body creams and moisturisers but they don’t love me. Being asthmatic and prone to folliculitis, I get blocked pores and dry bits all over; however when I apply products for the dryness, my follicles block and infect and if I apply something for them, my skin dries out. It’s genuinely hell and although sun exposure clears it up, curing skin by damaging it with UVA/UVB rays is not the answer.

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La Lotion Infinie is basically the face cream but formulated for the thicker, ‘bigger’ skin on the body. It feels rich and hydrating without leaving any residue on the skin as it inserts itself into the spaces between cells rather than cocooning you from the outside. The silver hydrosol then gets to work calming any problems and healing infection, whilst the DNA HP floods your cells with water moisture. It then has that unreal fragrance that features throughout the range which although is unisex, I feel is fabulously masculine. This does both for me, quashing the folliculitis inflammation and infection whilst healing up any dry patches taking a no win to a win-win. I can’t rate these products any higher, I really can’t; this is why they’re loved by beauty editors the world over.

All products here can be found around the web, although I couldn’t find the body lotion from anywhere else other than the Argentum Apothecary website where you’ll also find full ingredients lists.

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