Introducing NEW Aramis Black

Kind of an odd launch for summer time, and as soon as it hit my desk, I sprayed it and dismissed it. But I never condemned it to the storage room (where products go and never return) instead I’ve kept it sat on my desk and almost daily, sprayed it, sniffed it, and got back to work – it’s really, really grown on me. To the point where I’m really starting to fall in love with it.

It’s not what you’d expect from Aramis, the solid, traditional institution of male fragrances; Aramis Black eau de toilette is something new, something unique and yet very familiar at the same time. It’s a little bit oudy, but not oud-oud, just hinting at it; this is where the cognac, soft leathers and juniper wood play with your head a little.

Then there’s a sweetness of white incense and chocolatey tonka bean all stretching those thumping woods out.

Finally a very playful and crisp head of citrus grapefruit and green, leafy lentiscus prick the hairs of your nose with their lifting charms for you then to be thrown back down into the dirt of the cognac, leathers and woods. This cycle keeps going and going; it’s utterly fascinating.

If you go into Boots (where it’s just launched) and take one whiff, you’ll think “oh, sod off Thom” and walk away. But, if you keep coming back to it, again and again you’re going to start to penetrate this immense cyclic fragrance which, giving you a heads up, is a total ladykiller.

Aramis  Black is something new and unexpected from the brand that I think deserves a round of applause and definitely your consideration. It launches this month in Boots stores (not sure of the exact date but will be imminent) nationwide and then goes into other retailers from August.

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