Weleda Hayfever Kit

Whilst hayfever isn’t strictly grooming related, it’s something that will effect many of you as it does me. Over last 6 years, I’ve lived with the most terrible hayfever that often leaves me practically paralized with inflamed sinuses, massive susceptibility to respiratory infections and totally unable to do anything; so much so I take a prescription antihistamine called Fexofenadine, it’s incredible, but leaves you barely conscious.

I’ve never paid much credence to homeopathic remedies, I think much of it is a load of old crap, but this, the Weleda Hayfever Kit, really caught my attention as I’m a fan of the brand. With a nose spray and pollen tablets for around £12, is it worth it?

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Weleda Hayfever Kit 3

Weleda Hayfever Kit 4

Pollen capsules are actually excellent and I’ve taken them before. They immunise your body by flooding it with pollen, causing your body to become less responsive to it; this is known as a form of immunotherapy. The problem is, these capsules actually need to be taken leading up the hayfever season rather than during it, so they’re preventative rather than a cure. Pollen capsules should be taken as two/three every two hours.

Rhinodoron, the Weleda Hayfever Kit’s nasal spray, is fabulous in dealing with the side-effects of hayfever by hydrating and calming the lining of the nasal passages with a 5% aloe vera gel. Sodium Chloride (5%) and Potassium Chloride (5%) cleanse the passage lining, helping to dislodge trapped pollen. As well as for hayfever, Rhinodoron can be used in the winter when the air is deathly dry which can again lead to sore throats and scratchiness. This product is not a treatment or nasal antihistamine.

What else can you do for hayfever? Buy yourself a HEPA filter. I have one by Vicks (the vapour rub people) and from 6pm every evening, I leave it on in my bedroom with the window and door closed. When it’s time to go to bed, the air is cleansed of pollen and you will notice that you sleep so much better. I’ve not seen the Vicks filter in a while, but John Lewis have the Bionaire HEPA filter at just £50 that’s had some really good feedback.

Secondly, I’ve been using and getting great results from a portable red-light allergy reliever which is weird, but it really works. I picked mine up here from Argos for £20. Finally, local honey; this has been proven to deliver effective immunotherapy as it’s made of all your local pollen strains.

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