Well well well. The hair company that has been setting styles for years has decided to grace it’s popular haircare range a rather delightful Men’s collection.

I had at my disposal the 2 in 1 Anti-Dandruff Shampoo and Conditioner, The Styling Fibre, The Styling Pomade and The Styling Putty; so as you can see, there’s a hell of a lot of styling to be done.

The first thing I really have to get out is the fragrance, stunning, truly stunning and I’ve never smelt a hair product like it. Someone who can explain it a lot better than I can is Ape To Gentleman’s Anthony Elliott:

[A] fragrance which includes a hint of ginger, earl grey tea and effervescent pink pepper. This combination of scents creates a subtle contrast by entwining zesty top notes, against bold roses, all covered in smooth woods and wrapped in creamy vanilla. Giving all the products a powerful – yet peaceful scent.

I couldn’t agree more.

So, the 2 in 1 Anti-Dandruff Shampoo and Conditioner.

I have to say, normally I frigging hate 2 in 1’s  (I’m a respectable website, I don’t use the word fuck, oh just did, never mind). Why have a good dedicated shampoo and a good dedicated conditioner, which do two completely different things when you can have something that does a piss awful interpretation of both. This was my opinion. Until now…

I have recently had my mop of hair trimmed rather short, well not too short, like in my profile picture to the right, but it had gotten out of hand. My scalp had started to dry out a little as well, which often happens as the weather becomes cooler (the skin is less able to retain moisture, I won’t go into the ins and outs of why, but know this, I really want to!).  So upon popping the bottle top, I was greeted by the same stunning fragrance, and then presented with an opaque white cream based shampoo. It lathers, my god it lathers, I really used nothing more than a 50 pence piece worth and I could have done my whole body with it (I did but shh). After leaving it in only 20 seconds or so, I gave it a good rinse, expecting that ‘squeeky’ feeling you can often get from such products. Well to my surprise and delight, soft and smooth hair, that when dried, didn’t frizz up and stand on end.  What more could I ask for.

So the styling products:

The Styling Fibre:

Fibrous as you would imagine. Gives some definition to the hair, and really creates a bit of defining texture, but nothing to thick and setting.

Although it’s fibrous, you can’t ‘clap’ it on like most other fibre products, as I have been many a time shown by hair stylists, placing the products in their palms, clapping once or twice, to produce a snow-storm of fibred strands falling everywhere but mainly over your head. This supposedly activates the product but I wouldn’t worry because an excellent hairstylist I know, who does my mother’s hair in fact, told me that this was a pile of bollocks and just for effect, and in my opinion just so us gays can have a little clap, we do this sometimes. So there we go. No clapping with Tony & Guy, they obviously know their stuff.


The Styling Putty:

Labeled as giving a casual matte finish. Well it was mainly matte but still gave a little bit of a sheen to the hair, but yeah, nothing shiny or gel like, but neither was the other one really. I’ll be honest, having such thick, dark hair, it didn’t give a huge amount of hold, but I could create some nice movement and direction to the hair, but it doesn’t advertise as giving a strong hold, so no arguments there.


Finally, The Styling Pomade:

No no, it’s not fizzy pomegranate juice, its hair product. You see what I did there?

I have to say this is my favourite, its weird, and gives great definition and lovely shape to the hair, without it looking crusty or overdone, or underdone for that matter.

It’s completely transparent and kind of has the texture and appearance of transparent Vaseline. You would naturally thing that this would then grease up your hair judging by this feeling. Wrong. It’s very light once in the hair, but just coaxes everything into shape so I can create my quiff. Thumbs up, and it lasts a good while as well.

Overall, don’t expect to create big dramatic hairstyles with these products in my opinion, they’re not for big over the top barnets. The range feels and appears to be advertised more at creating modern, classic, contemporary and tasteful looks. If you want something more dramatic to play with, then I suggest looking at products like the Hair Bond Distorter (click me for the review), but for a classic yet modern, city-dwelling, young, sophisticated urbanite look no further (I do not mean myself by the way). Check it out, and believe me, the prices are very recession busting – always wanted to use that term for myself.

Posted at 14:29 December 11, 2012

Hey great review mate have also tried using the styling pomade have got short (jarhead) hair great for that classic yet modern if what sophisticated look, and yeh smells great. Also great to note that they sell small almost tester 25ml tubs so that you don’t have to buy massive tub to try…this is amazing why don’t other companies do this other than sticking your fingers in a tub at boots your stuck of you want to test a product!

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