Tigi Bed Head For Men

Well this was a treat that landed on my desk this week. Tigi Bed Head for Men are promoting their existing men’s range and it’s apparently all about choosing your style card – whether you want to be Mr. Sporty, Mr. Geek, Mr. Loud or Mr. Polished. A lot of companies have been making this kind of noise lately, Philips did something very similar with their shave line recently, it’s all about using products to explore different looks. I received a pair of Geek glasses in with the box, so I guess I’m branded.

Tigi Bed Head have a great reputation but until now I’ve never tried them out, so this was a nice suprise. I tested out the Charge Up Thickening Shampoo & Conditioner and the Pure Texture Moulding Paste. There was also the Power Play Firm Finish Gel but my hair doesn’t respond well to gels at all, it never looks good, so I gave it a pass.

Charge Up Thickening Shampoo

It’s a cream / gel texture that lathers beautifully and it really cuts through grease and matted hair as well as left over product. It does leave hair needing conditioner though, but funnily enough, it is meant to be used as part of the duo!

There is something throughout the whole range that needs mentioning, the fragrance is awful; there’s a sweet undertone to it which is nice, but then a smack of public bathroom soap. It doesn’t do much justice to what’s turned out to be a great product range, but rather cheapens it.

Charge Up Thickening Conditioner

The conditioner is gorgeous, it feels silky as you work it into your hair and scalp, real luxury. Leave it in for just a few minutes and when you rinse it out, you’ll be amazed, your hair feels smooth and more importantly, thick, but without it being greasy or overloaded with product.

Pure Texture Moulding Paste

Not a strong hold, but it does exactly what is says on the tube, it texturises. A rich cream / paste formulation that once you’ve run it through your roots, looks deliciously textured, tussled and lifted. Hair is left with a matte finish, but without it looking dry. It has a natural hold, so don’t expect to create huge outlandish styles, but quiffs, flicks and messy partings are all within it’s grasp. I can best describe this as liquid hair spray!

It’s long lasting and I found it to be pretty re-workable although there is a tiny bit of a crisp to it, but as I constantly run my hand through my hair, normally through stress, outrage and frustration, it was easy to set it all back into place. This is a great product for casual looks.

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