The Refinery, London’s one-stop Grooming Emporium for men, has developed a line of luxury men’s grooming products with Aromatherapy Associates. The range of 12 products comes in uniform, minimalist packaging, packed full of beautiful treatments composed of wonderfully natural ingredients.

Refinery Hydrating Refreshing Eye Gel 24

Refinery Hydrating Refreshing Eye Gel 3

Refinery Hydrating Refreshing Eye Gel 2

Refinery Hydrating Refreshing Eye Gel

The hydrating, refreshing eye gel is formulated with orange flower water, aloe leaf juice, rose-hip see oil, vitamin E, carbomer (an ocular lubricant) and hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is one of the most effective moisutirising ingredients out there. It’s known as a humectant, forcibly binding moisture to skin cells. Over time, your skin’s ability to retain moisture is improved and everything becomes plumper and more lifted.

The scent is just incredible, particularly as orange blossom is my favourite fragrance of them all. Applying the gel after keeping it in the fridge is my biggest recommendation with this product. It cools immediately on contact and sinks in lightening-fast, leaving your eyes intensely hydrated and incredibly calm.

After spending my whole day starting this computer screen, my eyes often feel tight and dry, I’m sure you can relate. A few dots of this patted around the optical bone and on the eye-lid will alleviate this in a shot.

Even though are so many eye gels out there, this stands out as a genuinely luxurious product, delivering an effective formulation but also an uplifting feeling of calm; you really need to experience this. You can pick it up from The Refinery or over on the Aromatherapy Associates website.

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