Dry / Dehydrated Skin Reviews

Skin is often tight and uncomfortable. It can have a dull and flaky appearance. Wrinkles are more prominent. Skin feels dry after showering but feels more comfortable after moisturising; however can feel tight again by midday.

Non-Greasy Comfort Perricone MD OVM Cream

When I started MANFACE, I swore by gel creams. My skin was always oily, always breaking out. 5 years later, my skin has changed. It can still get oily, but using proper skincare and exfoliating well, my sebaceous glands are doing as they’re told and apart from a little shine – I’m relatively skin-normal. I still get blemishes, but these are increasingly infrequent and get them out quick and swear by Clinique Anti Blemish Clinical Clearing Gel.

Reparative Skin Care by Twelve Beauty

When I first tried Twelve Beauty (2 years ago now) I wasn’t blown away by how it made my skin feel. Although the formulations are exquisite, at the time it was far too rich and more than my skin needed. Two birthdays and a boat-load of stress later, my skin needs more these days! I’m still blemish and shine prone, but increasingly more dehydrated – enter Twelve Skin Care.