Scenting My Life: A Celebration of Thierry Mugler A*Men

Thierry Mugler Amen with Vignette 3Thierry Mugler Amen with Vignette 5Thierry Mugler Amen with Vignette 6Thierry Mugler Amen with Vignette 4Thierry Mugler Amen with Vignette 2Scent is one of the most powerful evokers of memory and Thierry Mugler A*Men is a fragrance that represents how I feel and who I believe I am as a person. I even made sure that it was one of the first ever reviews to feature on Manface, 4 years ago.

A*Men was in fact my first fragrance, ever. My mum was so desperate for me not to fall into the pit of teenage deodorants that she bought me this, the male counterpart of the beautiful Angel fragrance she loved at the time and continues to do so.

This fragrance reminds me of my teenage years: of school; of holidays and great friendships. A*Men reminds me of exciting early mornings spent looking at the bottles and jars of duty free as I waited for a flight with my parents. Pulling out last year’s winter coat from the wardrobe with it still faintly lustering of the sweet, warm and comforting scent.

I’m only actually 5 years older than A*Men, being an industry benchmarker since 1996.

Thierry Mugler A*Men and most of the subsequent limited editions, including the intoxicating A*Men Pure Coffee, were designed by Jaques Huclier who’s also known for the immensely popular Gucci Guilty Pour Homme.

The most prominent notes of A*Men are undoibtedly coffee, tar, caramel, chocolate and patchouli. The actual array of notes are vast and complex, topping over 20 including bergamot, peppermint and musk.

A*Men lasts… forever; my old school blazer that I haven’t worn for 8 years still faintly holds the scent. I find it always smells better when sprayed on fabric as the fine tuned balance of notes should be enjoyed in their essence, not interacting with your natural skin oils.

The collection of products in the A*Men range are excellent; some of the best ancillaries I’ve ever used in terms of complimenting and supporting the core fragrance and just their sheer quality. My favourite is the body spray as it more prominently displays those sweeter notes with just a faint shot of that lavender and bergamot head.

The fragrance is best when owned in the refillable bottle, not only because of the better value when it comes to the recharge bottles, but because it’s something beautiful to behold both tactfully and to look at — it even comes with a Thierry Mugler polishing cloth.

You’ll find A*Men at almost every fragrance outlet in the world, sitting proudly and confidently for decades to come.

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