Portable High Frequency Machine

I promise you that this isn’t a photo of something from Ann Summers despite looking like remarkably like one… So I’ve heard but this is most certainly a Portable High Frequency Machine.

This weird looking device has amazing practical dermatological applications but particularly so for spots and acne. High Frequency is used to treat and improve a variety of skin concerns and are normally available in specialised clinics and concessions like Dermalogica.

The machines are normally much more heavy duty and far more powerful than the portable version you see in the picture, the one I’ve acquired won’t really do you any damage if you go all out but will still give you some amazing results.

The device comes with a range of glass electrodes filled with gas, these are neon but you can also get them with argon gas, both are reported to have an identical effect (although some may argue otherwise). You attach the desired electrode to the device and plug it into the wall socket. There is a control switch on the bottom that you twist to change intensity, I’ve honestly never found a need to lower it and always turn it up full, that’s just the way I roll. It buzzes quite loudly and that’s normal.

To use the device effectively, you shouldn’t really apply it straight to the skin. Apply an an oil free gel to the surface of the skin and then hold some gauze or even a thin bandage over the top. Turn the device on. Get started. Sweep the device over the skin and work over in circular motions slowly and gently. You should feel a pins and needles sensation and it kind of prickles and buzzes, this is completely normal. Do this for a minute or so, but not too long. Afterwards your skin might look a bit red and blotchy, this should only last a few minutes and it’s just because the process increases surface blood flow, but nothing to be alarmed about.

I have used this on friends and those close to me and all have seen amazing results almost instantly. You know the kind of spot you can get that looks like your face is trying to sprout an extra head? Well a couple of minutes with this will see the swelling reduced, and I’ve honestly seen them reduced to a mere nothing, a tiny little blemish. It will definitely reduce spots and is the most effective treatment I’ve found, more than any cream, gel or serum.

I never believed something like this would work in a million years, but it honestly does, you need it in your life. I found mine on eBay and paid about £22 for it from China. It does come with a European adaptor but I just used my razor adaptor. If you do buy one, please drop me a comment and let me know how you get on.

UPDATE. After being contacted this morning asking me which you should choose, there is an option on ebay of 2 different voltages, if you’re in the UK, it’s the 220 version.

N.B. In the UK, the standard machines should only be operated by someone who holds a Level 3 GNVQ Beauty Qualification so don’t look for some monster one and start shocking yourself, you need the training.

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