Ormonde Jayne Zizan Eau de Parfum

Ormonde Jayne Zizan is a solid men’s fragrance. I’ve been wearing it this week in contrast to some of the sweeter, more caramel fragrances I’ve been wearing recently (Spice Bomb Extreme, Serge Lutens, Replica Jazz Club and Frapin 1697).

Zizan takes the elements of traditional men’s fragrance such as vetiver, cedar, musk, sage and amber then smashes it into a beautiful italian cologne with lime, amalfi lemon and bergamot. There’s also bayleaf, pink pepper and violet added in there for good measure.

When you spray, you’re hit by the most cheek-clenching lime, like biting down onto one after downing something naughty. It then creams down into the woody vetiver and cedar with darting citruses and florals going back and forth.

Zizan is true luxury, seductive and quickly is becoming a staple in my fragrance wardrobe. There’s no fuss or thought that needs to go into wearing it; whatever the occasion be it special, evening or day-to-day, it’s perfect!

Finally the bottle is of the thickest, heaviest glass with a weighted metal topper to match. Now, I don’t know why I judge this as a sign of quality but it’s of a perfect size and weight to really throw and get some some good force and distance; do you know what I mean? You could lob it and you just know something would happen.

Ormonde Jayne Zizan is available here directly from Ormonde Jayne for £110/50ml or £150/120ml.

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