Odin New York No. 1 Sunda

Odin New York are an odd one, they seem to have sprung from nowhere but jumped right to the top of the pile with fragrances that should make other brands very uneasy indeed.

According to their website, Odin New York opened its first boutique in the fall of 2004 in the East Village of Manhattan, New York. The shop located at 328 East 11th Street was one of the first lifestyle stores dedicated to men. They’ve since opened a further two stores as well as their online store. Here, in the UK, Odin Fragrances are exclusive to Liberty London.

There are currently 11 fragrances in the Odin New York wardrobe so what better place to start than with No. 1 Sunda (previously named Nomad but I do wonder if Crabtree & Evelyn put a stop to that?).

Sunda is a fresh and creamy blend of citrus, smooth woods and a spice. Starting with a zingy lime crescendoing into a full-bodied blend with juniper berries and heliotrope served on a platter of vanillary tonka bean and west indian sandalwood.

Its wildly refreshing like a mixed bowl of sorbet and ice-creams; comforting whilst something strangely metallic darts from top to bottom – most likely the spicy black weaving with the grey musk (I’m wondering if this isn’t ambergris?).

It’s what I’d describe as a rolling fragrance (this is where words start to let me down) as there’s no defined top, heart and base that are easily distinguishable; it’s more a tumbling cloud, randomly and indiscriminately grazing your senses with each of its fabulous mouth watering and creamy notes.

Odin New York’s Sunda lasts for a good while on the skin and doesn’t particularly change other than the initial burst of lime, calming down within the first few minutes or so. It’s throw is pretty moderate I’d say but nothing overbearing although you’ll notice it.

Something weird, wonderful, fresh and warming; Odin New York No. 1 Sunda is definitely one for those who love something a little different that breaks the rules without rocking the boat.

Odin New York No. 1 Sunda is £115/100ml here from Liberty London.

Harvey Specter
Posted at 03:55 January 28, 2015

I’ll have to check out their shop when I’m in NYC next month!

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