NEW Clinique Aromatics in Black Candle

OMG. OK, so this was pretty exciting. I’d read Jane’s review yesterday of the Aromatics in White candle and was twitching as I knew my Aromatics in Black was just around the corner. Turns out I’d missed delivery of it at the beginning of the week and it was the parcel being redelivered today – darn Royal Mail. Anyway.

I featured Aromatics in Black, a delicious, unisex, plum-leaf accord fragrance, last week in my essential Top 4 Autumn to Winter transitional fragrances. I’ve been wearing it so much; more than all the others on that list if I’m being honest. It’s plum leaf, neroli and myrrh; absolutely to die for and without sounding rude, definitely not a fragrance I’d expect from Clinique – not a touch like it’s mother-product, Clinique Aromatics.

The candle, housed in a black glass votive with it’s black wax (actually a very deep, plum purple) burns fabulously, evenly and has a very, very wide scent throw – it really fills a room! I’m literally sat here with my nose in the box like a horse with a feeding bag; it’s soapy, plummy and green with this deep festive myrrh. The scent is warming on a dark autumnal evening but fresh and crisp in the low sun of a cold winter morning both as a candle and a personal fragrance.

The Clinique Aromatics in Black candle is available exclusively for £38 online from Clinique UK.

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