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Marshmallow Blends Caramel Cupcake Body Scrub

Now, I don’t often step out of the beauty halls and delve confidently into the world of artisan cosmetics. It’s probably because you know what your buying from a counter and can always count on the reliability of the products, but I know full well how completely unadventurous this is and you can end up missing some of the true hand-made greats. This is one of them.

I will start by saying this is my body scrub of choice, all others pale in comparison, from Clarins Tonic Scrub to the Body Shop’s Cocoa Butter Exfoliator, these don’t begin to come close to this, Caramel Cupcake Body Scrub from Nicoletta at Marshmallow Blends.

Firstly, the pot comes filled to the brim, there really could be no more in there, it’s not physically possible. On opening, the smell makes your mouth water, the fragrance of Caramel, vanilla and brown sugar is just divine, there’s not a lot stopping me from wanting to eat the whole thing! Often these fragrances can smell cheap and artificial, this is is really not. It reminds me of the smell of a box of Thornton’s Special Toffee (writing this is making me hungry!).

As you dig your fingers in for the first time, it’s wonderful how deliciously thick it is, you really have to push into the mixture. As you scoop out a small amount, it sits in your hand, not sliming off and hitting the bottom of your shower. You can tell how beautifully hand made this is as there are tiny little sugar clumps dotted throughout, just stunning.

As you work it in to damp skin, it really stays adhered, foaming ever so slightly, as the powerful sugars get to work. I really like a strong scrub, something that feels like it’s actually doing something rather than just a few dispersed grains dotted here and there.

If you want to try a proper scrub, then you need to try this, Nicoletta will tell you herself that this is my favourite to buy and I’m almost all the way through a specially ordered, double-size pot. It was only £10!

Check her site out here, you’ll be hooked.

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