L’Occitane Immortelle Brightening Collection

Over the last month, I’ve switched my entire skincare regime to the L’Occitane Immortelle Brightening collection. It’s always a big risk to change your skincare regime in one, big wallop as you never quite know how your skin is going to react, therefore I always recommend to gradually change 1 product at a time, but in this case, it was all 4, all at once. This is L’Occitane’s perfect skincare line for guys.






The power behind this range is the Immortelle essential oil extract which has been scientifically documented in the Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology from The Royal Pharmaceutical Society in the study into the Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of Helichrysum italicum.

The study concludes that Imortelle extract induced a corticoid-like mechanism, acting as an anti-inflamatory as well as being a free-radical scavenger. Basically, skin is kept calmed and free-radicals within the skin are encased , preventing them from causing cellular damage on both a surface and sebaceous level – this is a basic definition of the effects of an ‘anti-oxidant’, a chemical structure that in essence, prevents oxidisation.

As well as Immortelle, there’s also the brightening properties of Daisy extract and Garden Nasturtium, both known for their ability to even out skin-tone and brighten the complexion. These ingredients leave the products smelling very green and astonishingly plant-like. They range exudes luxury, whilst delivering what I feel is very high-impact efficacy.

Immortelle Brightening Foaming Cleanser: £18.50

This is a fairly runny in consistency, pearlised, creamy-textured facial wash. It’s 100% Soap-Free as well as being non trying. It creates an abundance of lather but after rinsing, your skin doesn’t feel tight, dry and needing moisture, but in fact wonderfully soft to the touch. The smell is fantastic and it definitely has the properties of a very luxury cleanser.

My only niggle would be that, and bear with me, the consistency isn’t thick enough for the way it’s been packaged. As in, it’s a vertical packaging with the opening at the bottom and if you remove the cap, ready to squeeze, it all just dribbles out. In this case, flip it upside down, remove the cap, flip it again, squeeze the product out, flip it back and replace the cap. It’s a bit tricky as you have a palm-full of cleanser at this point, but it can be done.

Immortelle Brightening Toner: £17

The toner is 100% alcohol free and features the aforementioned ingredients as well as a powerful Vitamin C derrivative. Vitamin C in skincare helps to break down hyper-pigmentation on the surface skin cell layers through micro-exfoliation; works as a powerfully protecting anti-oxidant and finally helps to encourage the production of collagen production.

It feels wonderfully cooling on the skin, and I have noticed the differences of how better the proceeding moisturiser absorbs into the skin when I’ve used the toner beforehand.

Immortelle Brightening Moisturiser: £43

In my opinion, this has been better for my skin and feels a more superior product to my first moisturising love, Crème de la Mer’s Gel Cream. A big claim, and I stand by it. This moisturiser is exceptionally light and even though I believe it’s not completely oil-free, you’d never know it.

The clinical claims L’Occitane present are very compelling. On 24 research participants over 8 weeks, dark spots were visibly reduced by 30%. Over 8 weeks on 33 research participants, skin radiance was increased by 19%. On 34 research participants over 8 weeks, 82% felt their skin was instantly smoothed, 85% felt their complexion was fresh. In 7 days 82% saw that their skin had become more luminous and 74% saw more uniformity.

Finally, in 1 month, 65% saw their wrinkles softened and their ‘skin youth’ preserved. There are a lot of facts and figures here, and even if you’re dubious towards this kind of information, I think it’s still fairly clear that this product is definitely doing something right.

What I love most about this is how it feels on contact. It quickly disappears into the skin, leaving no trace of residue but a wonderful softness and smoothness with a dewy glow, but no shine. My skin’s radiance has definitely improved and I have undoubtedly noticed the evenness in my skin-tone, particularly across my chin and forehead. I can’t recommend this enough.

Immortelle Brightening Mist: £15

I either read somewhere, saw in a L’Occitane store or was told, that this was a limited edition. I’m afraid that if this is the case, I’m definitely going to get violent and start smashing the place up. I would almost go as far to say that I love this more than the moisturiser.

Even though it is marketed as a toner, I’ve been doing something slightly different with it. After performing my morning regime, doing my hair, getting dressed and all the rest of it, I give my face 3/4 sprays with this incredible gentle mist. My skin is left absolutely glowing, dewy, but not shiny. It seems to really lock in hydration and cools you down instantly. It’s my go-to product for when I’m also hot and bothered… which is most of the time.

The mist is insanely fine. The pump feels almost hydraulic and mechanical with a real resistance when you push down, delivering a definite cloud of product. You feel an instant cooling sensation but not in the slightest bit wet.

In Conclusion

I think if you’re concerned about visible age prevention, dullness, oiliness, your skin’s texture or even fading and fighting off those odd few blemishes, then this is definitely a good, solid option. You can pick the whole range up here, direct from L’Occitane. There’s also a brightening serum, exfoliator, sun-shield, hand protector and facial-mask. Watch out for the review of the facial mask over the next few days.

Have you used Immortelle before? If so, how did you find it, what was your favourite product and do you have any tips to share for getting the best results?

Posted at 20:10 April 21, 2013

One of my favourite brands, but the Immortelle range is right out of my budget at the moment. Excellent review Thom.


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