Kiko Soft Focus Concealer

Products designed to replicate the cult Yves Saint Laurent’s Touche Éclat aren’t really anything new. Clinique Airbrush, The Body Shop Lightening Touch and Clarins Instant Light Brush On Perfector are just a few but Kiko’s Soft Focus Concealer is the first budget priced highlighting concealer I’ve come across that’s really worth noting.




A while back YSL released a Touche Éclat for men, a ridiculous gimmick that came in one, oddly yellow shade with the only difference being… Grey packaging. So if you want to lightly conceal dark marks and illuminate the skin, whatever packaging it comes in, feel free to experiment, just get the right shade.

Kiko Soft Focus Concealer comes in 4 shades, clear, natural, medium and amber. Clear has definite yellow tones so I opted for natural, a much more neutral shade.

Light reflecting particles will brighten the appearance of even the darkest circles whilst silicones help to temporarily reduce the appearance of dark lines and wrinkles. White tea, a powerful antioxidant, helps to calm skin and gives protection.

It’s very simple to apply: roughly draw two lines under the eyes; the first a small distance below the lashes and then the second along the base of your dark circle, making sure to go right to the corners of the eye. Rubbing your ring fingers together to heat them slightly, pat the product in firmly, making sure you blend it well, pulling the product outwards to the optical bone and the back inwards into the corner of the eye.

My top tip? Using a small amount, do the same in the corners of your nostrils. Your whole face will look immediately brighter and you’ll be massive surprised.

I’ve found the product sits well and lasts most of the day. When it does start to wear away, it fades slightly rather than clumping or turning powdery. My main concern with products like this is that they have to remain completely undetectable, I don’t want people to immediately realise I’m wearing cover, that’s the whole point and with this, I’m very pleased.

Kiko Soft Focus Concealer is £7.50 and available here from Kiko Online. Check out my other reviews of Kiko products, they do some fabulous pieces that are great for guys at really affordable prices.

Posted at 18:05 May 5, 2013

I love KIKO anything!

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