Darphin Denblan Toothpaste

Well no particular method is involved to do it French style, each to their own, but there is a rather nice toothpaste I’ve been using for the last few months. Stick your domestic brands and say “HELLO!” (Ok, maybe not quite so enthusiastically, you could just wave), to Denblan by Darphin.

Darphin Denblan Toothpaste promotes whitening whilst not actually being one of those horrible abrasive pastes, containing papaya, pineapple stem extract and mint essential oil. It leaves your mouth incredibly fresh, but not like you’ve just eaten an entire pack of extra-strength mints and you can drink afterwards without everything tasting bitter.

It keeps your breath marvellously fresh all day and really gives you a healthy feeling in your mouth.

Well other than that, that’s it, it’s a toothpaste, what more can I say? But a rather wonderful one at that. Give it a try. Darphin Denblan Toothpaste is available from House of Fraser and RRP’s at £12.00.

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