Darphin Skin Mat Balancing Serum

It’s not often you come across a treatment serum designed to treat the concern of oily skin. Normally serums are designed for ageing, brightness, pores etc but this is purely to combat excess oil and shine whilst helping to tighten those pores.

Darphine Serum 2

Darphin Serum 3

Darphin Serum 5

The photo above, with the product on the back of my hand, isn’t the best but with the serum being only slightly thicker than water, it was difficult to photograph.

The texture is perfect if you have a concern with oiliness or combination skin as you don’t want to be layering on rich creams, lotions and emulsified gels; it really is like water.

The serum diminishes excess surface oil through patented Matipure technology, using highly absorbent porous micro-particles that work as a sebum exchanger, replacing sebum with anti-bacterial black cumin and anti-inflammatory pumpkin oil.

Another patented molecule, Phlorogine, a marine algae extract, acts to break down excess oil whilst working as a powerful anti-inflammatory.

Finally liquorice, one of my favourite skincare ingredients, has been added to drastically brighten the skin as well as also acting as a skin calming agent. I love liquorice as it was the feature ingredient in Moisture White, the best skincare range The Body Shop ever sold, delivering some really powerful results but at a high price tag for the brand (around £30 a pot).

On application, the Darphin Skin Mat Balancing Serum sinks right in and a little goes a long, long way. The stunning fragrance of the product is actually a feature compound called Niaouli Aromatic Care. This blend of fragrance oils is designed to condition and brighten skin with the use of Niaouli, Cypress, Lemon, Rosemary, Eucalyptus and Lavender.

With oily skin, you still have to use a moisturiser (oil-free) to prevent dehydration; this serum will not take care of the skin by itself. When you do use a moisturiser, use this serum underneath and apply onto freshly cleansed skin, one pump should be enough.

For me, the mattification didn’t kick in right away, it took around 3/4 days to start seeing the results. This really excited me as the product actually began to reduce skin oil production, rather than just load silicone onto the skin for a short term, mat ‘effect’. As well as a reduction in excess oil throughout the day, the pores on my nose became noticeably tighter.

Even though excess oil is being reduced, it never left my skin feeling tight, dehydrated or dry. It feels a true, luxury product that as well as delivering what I thought were great results, is really enjoyable to use. You can pick up Darphin Skin Mat Balancing Serum for £45 with free delivery here at Mankind.

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