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NEW Cyrnos Candle by Cire Trudon and La Promeneuse Wax Burner

Cire Trudon Cyrnos and Wax Burner 1

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Oooh, it’s always exciting when Cire Trudon release something new. I can safely say that Cire Trudon has ruined candles for me. I used to love finding weird candles here and there but honestly nothing compares to anything from Cire Trudon, from ultra-budget to super-luxury; all ruined! Nothing makes your house feel like these do – Odalisque is my ultimate favourite.

NEW Cyrnos Candle

Cyrnos is named after the villa built by Empress Eugenie, Napoleon the 3rd’s widow, in Monaco’s Cap Martin. The word Cyrnos means ‘Corsica’ in ancient Greek or ‘black’ (Црно) if you speak Macedonian – don’t ask my how I know that; because I honestly don’t know.

Cire Trudon Cyrnos Candle

The story, taken from Cire Trudon, really paints a beautiful picture of the inspiration used to create this stunning votive and gives a very accurate account of what you’ll experience with Cyrnos.

Drenched in sun, and overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, the villa is set in an idyllic stage. The land on which it is built is the only downside, however. The limestone rock makes the garden’s construction particularly difficult, only achieved through strong will, and lots of dynamite…

She has taste for barren, mineral, and contrasted landscapes, full of multiple scents. The final result is a vindication of the Empress’s vision: mature pine, olive, and palm trees are planted, while wide-ranging flowerbeds bring color to this arid landscape, typical of the region.

A scent of cyste, myrtle, mastic, and rosemary exudes from the garden. Though she lived mostly alone, the Empress hosted in this peaceful setting a number of prominent monarchs at the time, such as Queen Victoria, as well as avant-garde intellectuals like Jean Cocteau. Cyrnos, Cire Trudon’s latest creation conjures the solar beauty, the dazzling scent, and the art of living of this truly unique place.

Cyrnos is composed with a top of Lemon, Myrtle, Thyme; a heart of Black fig, Cedarwood, Lavender, Pine and a base of Cashmere Wood, Musk, Patchouli. It’s summer Spring through to Summer encapsulated and could not be more perfect for these recent spurts of warm weather.

With a burn time of a 60 hours, Cyrnos is available for £70 here from John Lewis and is worth every single penny but as mentioned, will ruin other home fragrance for you forever!

NEW La Promeneuse Wax Burner

By designer Pauline Deltour, the La Promeneuse wax burner is gorgeous and something really different from the brand.cire trudon La Promeneuse Wax Burner

Now, there are a number of brands who’ve made wax melts popular, including my least favourite of them all, Schmanky Wandle (it’s not a snobbery thing, honestly, I just find the scents sickly and cloying); but Cire Trudon have brought the concept into the luxury fold with a Cire Trudon-style glass, metal and ceramic construct.

The La Promeneuse wax burner uses their existing fabulous scents through beautiful wax Cameos that will scent for at least 8 hours each (4 Cameos per box).

cire trudon La Promeneuse Cameo

La Promeneuse RRP’s at £250 and is here at SelfridgesI found it here from Delyss (a UK shop) for £197 and also the wax cameos are here for £30.

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