Crème De La Mer The Brightening Facial

Ok, so it’s rare since working in cosmetics that people comment on my skin. I’m often told my skin looks good but it’s more often than not expected, doing what I do. Before I even tell you about the ins and outs of this product, I have never had my complexion commented on as much – “Wow Thom, your skin looks really radiant!” I kid you not.

La Mer Facial 2

La Mer Facial 3

La Mer Facial 4

La Mer Facial 5

Firstly apologies for the photo above, I deliberated putting it up but being true to my blogging roots, I thought it was my duty to share everything with you… despite looking like Halloween’s Michael Myers.

The mask is composed of 3 parts, the upper section, lower section and primer liquid. The primer liquid, to be smoothed over the entire face, preps the skin to be more responsive to the mask, helping to open pores and cause the surface layers to become more responsive to the ensuing moisture.

Applying the top and bottom sections of the mask, smooth them onto your skin, sit back and relax. It says to leave the mask on for around 8 minutes, but in all honesty, I left it on for around 15-20, simply because it felt wonderful and I was really getting into the episode of Modern Family I had playing. I found it best to lay down on the bed as when I was stood up, the mask did loosen slightly.

Make sure you do the mask at night, as once you’ve removed the segments you should smooth the rest of the product in and leave it in. Immediately my skin looked a little blotchy, mainly due to the power of the Miracle Broth and other concentrates that seem to be able to stimulate surface blood flow with remarkable efficacy.

Jumping into bed and going to sleep, I awoke in the morning and ran over to the mirror. Wow. Not only did my skin look incredible radiant, my skin tone was uniform, the redness in my cheeks had almost entirely disappeared. My skin felt smooth, really smooth, ridiculously smooth. It was as though I’d had a deep exfoliation treatment or peel, yet my face was calm and soothed.

I have been using Clinique’s Moisture Surge Overnight Radiance Mask which I love and even though the effects are noticeably by morning, they don’t compare to this but as opposed to once a night, you’ll probably want to use this around once a week. Maybe you could use them alternately?

You can pick this up here from John Lewis and you’ll receive a pack of 6 treatments for £190.

Posted at 09:27 September 10, 2013

I have a challenge for you :) j wonder if you can help . I’m lucky enough to have had a box of the LA Mer sheet masks and yes they are incredible . They stick to the face and infuse the skin with great stuff . Sheet masks seem to be in every where now and the Skin care secret from Asia has spread all over . My problem is I now have stubble ! Sometimes very short sometimes a bit more gruff but you try sticking a sheet mask to your face when you have stubble ! The top half of the face bit sticks but the lower face area just flaps around as it won’t adhere to the face because of the hair growth ! Does anyone make an upper face sheet mask ? I’m fed up of chopping the lower portion off my sheet masks . I use under eye anti ageing patches they are great but the effects from applying a sheet mask to the whole of the top half of the face is amazing . There you go :)
Thank you

    Posted at 09:36 September 10, 2013
    Thom Watson

    That’s one hell of a challenge. I’m on it.

Posted at 16:06 March 29, 2013

Sounds magical! When do you start casting then Thom? haha

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