Clinique Moisture Surge Intense Skin Fortifying Hydrator

NEW Clinique Moisture Surge Intense Skin Fortifying Hydrator!

This wonderful new creation from Clinique went live this week and is a variation on their ridiculously good Moisture Surge Moisturiser. This version is a gel/cream moisturiser designed for a very dry to dry combination skin type, whereas the original is for all skin types, but might not always give maximum hydration to dryer skins. This product is a really great alternative to the sorely missed and recently discontinued Comfort On Call barrier.

Well, it provides instant hydration for up to 24 hours with humectants such as sodium-hyaluronate, squalene and glycerin that bind water to the skin. The contained lipids and fatty acids allows your delicate skin to retain moisture by repairing the moisture barrier, keeping all the lovely stuff in, and all the crap out. Finally some rather nice botanical extracts and active aloe water (so active it’ll knock your socks off) soften and soothe. The key here is definitely barrier repair.

I have to say, trying the product on my cheeks, which tend to be pretty dry it really comforted even in the harsh winter weather and winds. Definitely worth a try for new users or existing lovers of the original moisture surge. Like the original, it can be used as a mask, just apply liberally all over the face and eyes (it has been allergy, dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested), then after 15 minutes, just rub it in!

Just remember this is for a dryer skin type, so if you’re more combination/oily then you may wish to consider the original moisture surge which is still going as strong as ever! Go down to your local Clinique counter, or if you’re local to Selfridges Trafford, then come and see myself for a full skin diagnostic. So get to your nearest counter and just ask about Clinique Moisture Surge Intense, see you soon.

Clinique Moisture Surge Intense £30/50ml at Clinique Online

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