Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream

By now you’ll know I’m a pretty big BB cream fan as for guys, they’re the ultimate grooming product — light coverage, calming and protecting. Well this is CC, Colour Correcting, and is designed to calm, protect and balance out colour concerns such as shallowness, redness and uneven skin tone. I’ve been using it for a month now since the middle of February and needless to say, I’m hooked.

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Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream

More than just any CC cream, Clinique’s CC cream is part of the Moisture Surge collection. Packed with Aloe water and Hyaluronic Acid that deliver a burst of hydration whilst Trehalose and Sorbitol bind moisture to the skin; they help protect skin against changes in temperature and humidity such as office and car air conditioners, cold winds, and hot homes. CC Cream is 100% oil-free.

I have to point out that this is again, great for guys. The product is designed to correct the appearance colour concerns rather than to heavily conceal them. It will freshen up sallowed skin, calm the appearance of redness, and fade the appearance of dark marks or blemishes. Clinique refers to this colour correction technology as “dual-layered colour correcting optics scatter light multi-dimensionally to neutralise skin’s complexion for an instantly brighter, natural glow.”

SPF30 provides all the sun protection you could need for daily use, helping to protect against photo-ageing, age-spots and imbalances in skin-tone all whilst Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant, helps keep those cell damaging free-radicals in check.

Application with any product of this type, including BB creams, needs to be applied slightly differently on guys. Our pores tend to be larger, we’re often a little oilier and our skin’s texture is often not as soft. So I thought I’d explain my top tips for CC application with a walk-through to accompany my doodled handiwork.


Firstly squeeze a tiny amount of product onto your finer ends and then very gently rub your finger ends together. This warms the product and causes it to become more pliable.

Then from the top of the cheek, start to pat the product into the skin, coming up the cheek to just below the temples and then down to the chin and pat into the jawline. The patting needs to be short, sharp and firm.

If you want more coverage, apply more product to the finger tips and repeat the process. When finished, using the flats of your fingers, gently pat across the whole area blending everything in, pressing towards the nose and then around the chin. Skin is left naturally dewy but not at all shiny.

For anyone with facial hair or visible stubble, do not apply the product in these areas. Instead, pat the product right up to the facial-hair line and then gentle blend in with warmed fingers.

I recommend avoiding the nose and forehead area. Men’s noses are often hugely prone to oil build up and the product will almost immediately begin to slip and move, therefore becoming visible which is not what we want. The same also applies to the forehead but the concern here is that emotive lines and wrinkles will cause the product to sit, leaving lines of CC cream so when the forehead is relaxed, it is again left visible.

You can trust me on this by the way, I’ve been trained in makeup artistry for a good few years now – there’s actually a photo on my about me page of me in action at a charity event, I’ll try and find some more at some point!

What do I love most about Clinique’s CC Cream? It gives guys the opportunity to experience an immaculate complexion (I’m sure there’s a play on words in there somewhere) whilst being able to walk proud as the finish is completely undetectable. It’ll be our little secret.

I notice that through the day, even though the product does fade ever so slightly, it doesn’t clump together, sit in pores and lines, or look out of place for even a second. You needn’t worry about it leaving the skin powdery either as the hydration ensures that the cover is kept fresh.

Being so fair skinned, I’ve been using the ‘Very Light’ shade but there are 6 to choose from all priced at £28. At the moment it’s available exclusively either directly from Clinique here, or from John Lewis here.

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