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Caudalie Vinexpert Dietary Supplements

Caudalie Vinexpert Dietary Supplements

The Vinexpert Dietary Supplements are definitely something a little different from a skincare brand. Although Caudalie have branched out before, similar to Aveda, with a range of herbal tea.

I’ve not started taking these yet but wanted to start my box now and see if I notice any difference after the box is finished (15 days worth of tablets). The Vinexpert supplements are to be taken 2 a day for normal skin or 1 a day for combination skin. Take one in between meals.

Caudalie promise that the supplements  “work from within for visible and exceptional results in just a few weeks; wrinkles are reduced, skin is firmer, more moisturized and effectively protected from free radicals“.

So that’s a pretty big promise from dietary supplements; and those are direct promises too rather than skin will ‘look firmer’ and wrinkles will ‘appear’ reduced. Needless to say, although I’ve like past Caudalie products, I am sceptical.

I’ve listed all the ingredients below but the feature ingredients are Anti-oxidant grapevine polyphenols (OPC), Redensifying, Resveratrol, Grape anthocyanidins and grape-seed, borage and evening primrose oils. So the majority are the really, really powerful bits from grapes; particularly the Reservatrol which is highly known for its regenerative and health properties.

If there’s anyone I trust to harness the effectiveness of grapes, it’s Caudalie; their whole brand has built its success around them. Check out my review of Caudalie Premier Cru for backup on that.

So, let’s see what happens. My skin is normal/combination so I’ll punt for 2 a day over the next 2 weeks. I’ll then check back and write what changes, if any, I’ve noticed in my skin.

At the time of writing, I’m currently massively into an outbreak that seems to be erupting from the most inconvenient follicles and pores (side of hairline, corner of nose etc). This won’t be a ‘scientific’ study, but I’ll be testing them out like any normal customer would.

If you’re wanting to try them for yourself before I feedback, they’re not the cheapest in the world but for premium supplements, by no means the most expensive. A box of 30 tablets is £15 and available from many different online retailers. After some Googling, Look Fantastic have them with free delivery as well as 15% off apparently with the code ‘RECHARGE.

Caudalie Vinexpert Dietary Supplemenents Ingredients

Ingredients: Grape Seed oil (Vitis Vinifera L.), Virgin starflower-seed oil (Borago officinalis L.), 9% GLA Virgin evening primrose seed oil (Oenothera biennis L.), modified starch: hydroxypropylated cornstarch (E1440), firming agent : Glycerol (E422), 40% OPC dry extract of fruit marc (Vitis vinifera L.) on maltodextrin and citric acid, gelling agent : Carrageenan (E407), thickeners : fatty acid mono and diglycerides (E471), emulsifier : colza lecithin (E322), acidity regulator : Disodium phosphate (E339)

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