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5 Vanilla Scents to Satisfy Your Cravings

Foodie fragrances, or gourmand as they’re more formally known are a big pleasure of mine. Since I was a kid I have loved anything vanilla and creamy – never being much of a sweety fan but always loving cake, biscuits and chocolate. As a consequence, I have always been on the lookout for Vanilla scents for men, that are acceptable without being too floral – the ultimate men’s vanilla cologne!

Maison Martin Margiela: Replica Jazz Club

Chris and me went into Leeds yesterday on my Birthday and whilst wandering around, I decided I wanted to go and sniff out some new fragrances in Manchester’s Harvey Nichols; just to have a see what was out there. Here you’ll always find the most gorgeous and luxurious niche fragrance brands, many of which are exclusives or at least very limited distribution, and Maison Martin Margiela is one of these brands. Chris then spontaneously treated me to my very own bottle of Jazz Club. From the fashion house of Martin Margiela, Jazz Club is one of 7 ‘replica’ fragrances that take locations and situations, turning their essences into fragrance. This includes: Barber Shop, Tea Escape, Flower Market, Beach Walk, Lipstick on, and Jazz Club; inspired by a 2013 Brooklyn, New York club.

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