Code of Conduct: Armani Code Collection Roundup

I have become an almighty fragrance snob and it’s bad, bad form – I’m not like that with skincare, so why fragrance? Just because a fragrance doesn’t come from a niche boutique or formulated with moss from the west valleys of the Tibetan Plateau, doesn’t mean it isn’t worthy of praise. Armani Code are those fragrances that aren’t particularly daring but at least two of them are bloomin’ gorgeous.

NEW Armani Code Profumo

Launching on the 27th April, I firmly believe Armani Code Profumo is going to be the 1 Million or Invictus of 2016. You’re going to see this in every duty free hall, every flight and every department store going; I guarantee it. The poster boy is everyone’s new favourite Captain Kirk, Chris Pine.

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