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Xen-Tan has been with us for 6 years now and what I’m about to say may make many feel quite old. I first discovered the brand when I was in college and working part time for The Body Shop when a customer came in with the most beautiful colour we’d ever seen, a few of us asked her where she’d been on holiday (it was around January) and she said she hadn’t but that she’d been using this amazing new brand, Xen-Tan, that all the celebrities were raving about. I was 16.

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Always being sheet white and never tanning naturally, I have a love / hate relationship with fake tan. I love it when it looks good, but with my colouring, it can so easily look wrong, often making me look yellow, even with high quality brands and supposed appropriate shades. Xen-Tan however, has always suited my skin tone, and I came to discover that being so painfully white, the best tanning colours that suited me were the darker shades! Sounds bizarre, but trust me, it really works.

Xen-Tan Moroccan Tan is dark, really dark, not stupidly dark, but dark. Formulated with delicious Argan oil, indigenous to Morocco, the groves of which I was lucky enough to witness on my trip to Morocco with Sofitel last year, it’s deeply hydrating and moisturising whilst providing luscious colour. The lotion itself has an amazingly sweet smell and glides on with ease. The guide colour is excellent, but I did find it was slightly darker than the resulting tan, but only by a fraction; it also dries fairly quickly so you don’t spread it all over your house. Always apply using a tanning mitt, and for the hard to reach parts of your back, get yourself one of these.

Leave it to develop for about 3 hours before having any contact with water. As a top tip, tan is always best applied to ‘dirty’ skin that you’ve washed and scrubbed the night before, as you want your skin’s pH balance to be at it’s most natural, otherwise your colour won’t be as perfectly suited as it could be. I really recommend trying this out, with deep colour and leaving your skin feeling absolutely incredible. You can pick it up for £25 here at Space.NK and just between us, use the code SNKHARR to get free delivery.

Posted at 21:36 February 25, 2013

Hi there new to all this grooming but want to look after myself now! I saw the clinique face cream for £80 you mentioned available at looks good!

Also in terms of tan what would be better this xen-tan or the sienna x, or getting the sienna x spray tan from a salon for 15 mins is £20. How long would each last as well roughly

Any other good tips or products for that would be great just email me back if got time,

Kind Regards,

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