Tisserand Rose and Geranium Leaf

I originally picked this up at Home Sense who tend to stock Tisserand products from time to time. If you’ve never been or even heard of Home Sense, they’re TK Maxx’s fabulous home and interiors store and if you’ve never been, GO.

This was a weird one in terms of attracting my attention as I will tend to run a mile from anything with the word ‘Rose’ in it, particularly in the UK as our usual offering in rose products is often powdery, saccharin garbage. However, this from Tisserand is a herbal and essential oil wonderland.

100% naturally fragranced, you’ll find orange peel oil, geranium, ho wood, bergamot, orange leaf oil, patchouli, demascus rose, grape and pomegranate. Not only are these oils great smelling, but also great for the skin sitting in a base of coconut derived soap.

It’s excellently cleansing without being drying. If you do want to put some of the lost moisture back from washing, the accompanying Geranium Leaf hand cream has a softening base of sunflower oil,  aloe vera and calendula and continues the scent experience!

Both the hand cream and hand wash are £7.95 each and available from the Tisserand online store. I’ve ordered my latest set from there as they’ve sadly not had any more in my local Home Sense since; also Tisserand seem to have very limited high-street availability.

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