The Tiniest Electric Cleanser: Foreo LUNA Go for MEN

I’ve never gotten into the Foreo LUNA. I’ve been sent the original twice and I’ve given it my best shot – I just didn’t like it.

The devices are a different take on devices such as the Clarisonic and Clinique Sonic but instead of using brushes, it’s made of sonic vibrating solicone nodules designed to boost your cleansing. For me, it didn’t work – and at £129 I didn’t do a thing for my skin, leaving it no better cleansed than without so just didn’t seem worth it.

Foreo LUNA Go for Men. £85. Look Fantastic

Foreo LUNA Go for Men. £85. Look Fantastic

So when I was sent the Foreo LUNA Go for Men (the MEN-bit is just marketing and colour) I was beyond sceptical. The Foreo LUNA Go is a nano-sized device that works in the same principle to the original Foreo LUNA, with the key difference being the nodules are replaced by teeth rather than ‘lumps’. foreo-luna-for-men-mini-4
It turns out that teeth rather than lumps makes a world of difference, turning it from a device I couldn’t be bothered with to something I’ve been using regularly for weeks.

The LUNA Go is a 2 in 1 device too and I love the idea behind its second function. Not only does it work with your cleanser to deep-clean your skin and pores, but the back of the device is also a facial massager designed to increase lymph-fluid flow which can leave the face looking puffy and prematurely-aged (particularly around the eye area).

To use, just push the button on the back and go. For cleansing, apply cleanser to your skin as normal and then use the LUNA Go to work it in all over the face – pay particularly attention to your T-Zone and corners of the nose, you’ll really feel a difference.

To use as a massager, it’s the same button, then just use gently over the skin in areas you feel could use a lift. I found as a massager, it works best when using a facial oil as a gentle lubricant. The LUNA Go also helps facial oils and treatments absorb more easily into the skin!

The only reservation I have, which I’ve been assured isn’t valid, is the way it charges. The LUNA Go uses USB charging, but whereas most similar devices use contactless charging, with this, the charger plugs into an open port at the back. My fear was that this surely couldn’t be safe? But apparently it is; just make sure it’s dry before charging.

The major advantage is that there are no disposable elements like brush heads or adapters. Because the whole think is silicone, it also makes it more hygienic as with the exception of the Clinique Sonic, I find brushes can go a bit grim – plus they’re usually around £30 to replace!

The Foreo LUNA Go For Men is a great device and a very convenient way to boost your cleansing routine. I’d definitely recommend giving it a go. Available here from Look Fantastic for £85 with free delivery (cheapest price I found it for).

Posted at 08:52 October 25, 2016

How would you compare this to the Luna 2 for Men? It’s about 2x the price and looks like double the size. Do you reckon it is worth the extra surface area?

Posted at 00:31 October 12, 2016

Is it bad to say this looks like a vibrator gone wrong? Not that I am insulting you or saying anything bad about Foreo or your blog post (my disclosure). Just an observation.

    Posted at 12:45 October 14, 2016
    Thom Watson

    It did cross my mind!

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