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The Body Shop Nutriganics Drops of Youth

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Over the last year The Body Shop seems to have come on leaps and bounds and whoever is now in charge of their marketing and R&D has finally dragged this ageing hippy screaming into the 21st century whilst still upholding those amazing core values that we all know and love. It definitely has evolved for the good since I was one of their skin coaches.

The new invention is part of of Nutriganics, a range of anti-ageing skin care for late twenties to late thirties. The ingredients are predominantly natural, around 98%, as well as being eco-certified meaning they contain organically sourced ingredients as well as being sustainable produced.

This serum has been designed to firm and smooth the skin, keeping it healthy and fresh. There’s too many natural actives to name all of them but the main active is criste-marine plant stem cells, which has the ability to repair damaged tissue as well as comfort skin concerns, it helps to regulate skin cell turnover as well as assist in the desquamation of skin cells (medical term for exfoliate, but its more than that, this ingredient doesn’t remove them, it loosens the bonds holding dead skin cells to the surface skin).

I always felt The Body Shop’s skincare felt a little sticky on the face and had a habit of being incredibly rich, but not with this bad boy. It’s got the texture of Aloe Vera gel, and massages well into the skin, leave it for a few seconds for it to disappear before layering your moisturiser and other products over the top.

This product will actively help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles but more importantly recondition the skin, leaving it looking more radiant and feeling much smoother.

The Body Shop Nutriganics Drops of Youth £15/30ml at The Body Shop Online

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