Neal’s Yard Palmarosa Facial Wash

The second in my set of Neal’s Yard Palmarosa reviews, this time looking at Neal’s Yard Palmarosa Facial Wash. Designed for an oily / combination skin type and for those also with blemish concerns, this is the perfect cleanser for you as it deeply cleanses without unbalancing your skin’s natural oils.


Packed with a tonne of organic ingredients and BUAV approved, it contains Nettle leaf extract, Marigold flower extract, Elder flower extract, Palmarosa herb oil, Elemi gum oil, Lemon peel oil, Neroli flower oil, Frankincense oil, Tea tree leaf oil, Lemon balm leaf oil,  and Coriander fruit oil. Other than that, there’s not a right lot else!

It smells great, very peppery and herby as you can imagine. After pumping a small amount into your hand, rub together to get a really soft and gentle foam. As you massage it into your skin, it continues to foam gently. Once rinsed off, your skin feels soft and not gagging for a moisturiser which is often the case with many oily / combination skin type washes.

A great product that has definitely helped with the congestion of my pores, particularly around my nose. When I test a new facial skin care product I try to change one product at a time, otherwise, particularly with things such as washes and cleansers, it’s difficult to spot their efficacy, and with this, the results were both quick and obvious. One little note and I’m not sure if it’s just a one-off on my bottle, but something weird happens with the pump from time to time where you seem to be pumping nothing, just unscrew and re-screw the neck and all is fixed.

At £15.50 for 100ml, this is a great product and fantastic value, as after around a month’s use, there’s well over half left, it smells great and leaves my skin smooth and well cleansed.

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