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A Word on Mental Health and Male Suicide


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There’s a double-edged sword these days when it comes to talking about mental health and the stigma surrounding it. There’s people who ridicule others for being weak and ‘broken’ which couldn’t be further than the truth, then there’s those who tweet, facebook and snapchat about it incessantly under the guise of “let’s talk about mental health” but actually meaning “lets’ talk about me”. If you’ve also been thinking the same, don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Mental health is something that even in the last 10 years, has become seen as a true health concern which is fabulous! Your mental health is, in my view, even more important than physical health. Even if your body is crocked, good mental health goes a long way to overcoming that.

Whilst there are varying degrees of mental health concerns, and not to diminish those with real struggles; we all go through mental health ups and downs in our lives. It’s normal and nothing to hide or be afraid of. Whilst it’s important not to ‘load’ your problems onto other people, as you don’t always know what they’re going through – however well you know them, it’s important to feel able to talk about these things without fear of being judged or ridiculed! I honestly believe we’re getting closer and closer to this every day. But I fear this is still not as acceptable for men to talk about as women; because let’s be honest, we guys can be a bit closed minded.

So why am I talking about this? Have I finally snapped? Not quite, but I received an email today from the Pall Mall Barbers’ PR who shared something really fab. This is not an ad by the way, I really just thought this was a great good new story.

The Pall Mall Barbers want to tackle the stigma of mental health and male suicide by urging other barbers to utilise their platform to offer a listening ear to their clientele and stop the ONS figures in their tracks. The ONS (Official National Statistics) released information documenting that 75% of every UK suicide is male and in 2015 the male suicide rate peaked to its highest rate since 1999. I mean, that statistic is scary!

Pall Mall Barbers are celebrating their 120th year this year and are located in Trafalgar Square, Fitzrovia, Westminster and Bishopsgate. If you’re wanting somewhere to share or just got for a silent good cut; hit them up.

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