L’Occitane Verbena Candle

Verbana L'Occitane Candle with Open Box and Candle Exposed

Verbana L'Occitane Candle

I love Verbena; love, love, love it. It reminds me of being a kid as we always used to have the hand soap in the bathrooms. It’s fresh, it’s authentic, it’s light and boy does it pack in the citrus.

Aloysia citrodora, or lemon verbena is a species of flowering plant in the verbena family Verbenaceae; it was brought to Europe in the 17th century by the Spanish and is cultivated massively for its oil. L’Occitane Verbena is a fabulous blend of top, heart and base notes with an overriding flourish of lemon verbena.

The top is zingy and citrusy lemon and orange oils. Heart notes of verbena and petit grain give the fragrance it’s fresh, outdoorsy and grassy qualities. Finally the base is a soft yet striking base of rose and geranium oil. On the most miserable, grey, English day, Verbena brings the lusciousness of a wild, French garden into your home.

The candle encapsulates this fragrance to a ‘T’ which is a welcomed surprise as many fabulous fragrances don’t always translate well into compelling candles.

On opening the box and presented with the cold throw, you’re really not overwhelmed by fragrance; in fact you really need to give it a good sniff to get much of anything. However, once you start burning, your room will fill up with a hot throw of the soft but definite scent of L’Occitane Verbena. It pretty much fills my living room and also livens up my office (I have it burning as I sit and type); you’re also gently yet noticeably greeted with it as you re-enter the room but unlike some candles, it’s not like hitting a brick wall of fragrance.

If you’re after something to freshen the place up with a gentle, authentic and natural fragrance, then I think this is your ticket. It’ll give you around 20 hours burn time and comes presented in a gorgeous, solid glass tumbler. What’s more, it’s not all that expensive and is available for £17 from L’Occitane Online (they’ve just updated the site and it looks gorgeous!). Anyway, get yourself one and let me know what you think.

Harvey Specter
Posted at 11:42 August 27, 2013

Dearest Thom
Yep. The Dandy is a fan of this rather delicious candle too.
They used to do one of the best lavender candles on the market to (a travel version) but sadly that seems to have fallen by the wayside.
Ah well, I will comfort myself with some verbena instead.
Yours ever
The Perfumed Dandy

    Harvey Specter
    Posted at 11:12 August 28, 2013
    Thom Watson

    Yes I had the Lavender candle last Christmas. Maybe they’ll bring it out again this year? Fingers crossed. Nothing beats the authenticity of the lavender in any of their products. My house is never without a constant supply of L’Occitane liquid lavender hand soap, particularly since they brought out the refill bags!

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