Jonathan Ward Amber Collection Mombasa Candle

I loved my Lost in El Salvador candle that featured in the Manface Christmas Gift Guide last year but unfortunately, it’s all burnt down. Luckily I was kindly given the Mombasa Candle from the Amber Collection which is just as beautiful, if not more so.

Jonathan Ward Amber Collection Mombasa 1

Jonathan Ward Amber Collection Mombasa 2

Jonathan Ward Amber Collection Mombasa 5

“Inspired by Lady Idina Sackville’s time in Africa, this scent is an aristocratic aroma with the primitive background of Kenya’s scorching plains. Mombasa Club 1932 is one of the richest aromas in the Collection.” The candle is simply delicious and fills the living room with a delicious fruity bouquet.

The Mombasa Candle is a paraffin-free soy and beeswax, hand-poured into a hand-blown, Italian, crystal glass. The notes are to die for with a delicate blend of Ginger, Anise and Cassis are teamed with Amber, Patchouli and Clove. The fruits are curbed by the florals which leads to this being a full and multi-dimensional fragrance, with the most prominent notes seeming to be the beautiful, blackcurrant cassis and an almost soapy patchouli.

You’ll get around 30 hours burn time from the medium candle and 45 from the larger. It’s the medium candle I’ve been burning and the throw seems to be wide enough to fill our large living room but weirdly the scent seems to stop at the door. I’ve been burning it through the day whilst we’ve been experiencing some nicer weather; throwing a few windows open, letting in some sun and accompanying it with my Mombasa candle.

If this sounds tempting, you can pick Jonathan Ward’s candles up direct from his website, here’s the link. The medium candle, with double wick, retails at £21 and the larger candle at £32. I think they’re terrifically priced and deliver great value for money!

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