Clinique Anti-Fatigue Cooling Eye Gel

Well when I found out about this originally, I thought finally! A new addition to the Skin Supplies for Men range.

I’ve been a massive user of the All About Eyes Serum De-Puffing Eye Massage since it’s original launch some years back. Now as a massive computer nerd and student, I stay up rather late, leaving me with pretty dark circles, also I am very white, reeeaaally white, almost see-through; therefore, any discolouration on my face shows up very quickly, maybe you can sympathise?

So, very similarly to the All About Eyes Serum rollerball, the Anti-Fatigue Cooling Eye Gel really helps to reduce darkness and puffiness. I use it underneath my All About Eyes Rich eye cream as my eyes do get really dry and very sensitive, anything with fragrance sends me swelling up like a balloon. So just tip the rollerball up and massage in circular motions from the middle of the eye – outwards. I really think that after a couple of days use, I can see a difference in my darkness and redness. The men’s version, as well as being more suited to men’s skin (our’s is around 25% thicker than that of women), dries much quicker which is very helpful for our hi-octane lifestyles, racing all our cars and playing all those manly sports (sat at my computer, mainly).

I really recommend it, it’s something new to come to the men’s market and it definitely makes a difference to my tired eyes, however if you have a slight dryness as well, make sure you layer with an eye cream.

It’s just £20 and available at Boots as I know it’s the same price everywhere but I like collecting my bonus points! Woop.

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