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I’m rarely happy when someone sends me a product range; particularly when it’s from an unknown brand. I’m a harsh judge with skin care generally. The percentage of products I get sent that make it onto MANFACE is teeny-tiny and believe me, those Jiffy bags come fast and furious (I was going to make an Anthrax joke, but thought better of it).

The Adam collection from Adam & Eve skin care has blown me away. I’m happy. A collection of 3 skin care products and an acne supplement; they’ve created something that ticks all boxes.

The range is formulated from naturally derived ingredients, but this doesn’t result in a loss of efficacy, quite the opposite. The products smell great, really great; particularly the Garçons moisturiser with Bergamot and Sandalwood essential oils. The packaging is beautiful; always important – they look gorgeous in my bathroom but with their hygienic pumps they’re also practical.

Tous Refreshing Facial Wash

With Aloe Vera, Green Tea and Willow Bark, the gentle but deeply cleansing and non-drying Refreshing Facial Wash feels so lovely on the skin. It also comes with a muslin cloth allowing you to use it to both cleanse and gently exfoliate. You can see the Aloe Vera in it’s jelly-like texture whilst it gently foams but remains soap-free.

My face just feels, fabulous! You know what I mean? There are those facial washes that leave you tight and gagging for moisture, then those that leave you feeling like you haven’t washed your face at all – it’s a balance and this strikes it perfectly.

Les Calming Lotion (Treatment)

If you recommend the use of a serum to a guy, first they usually snigger because they immediately think of the word ‘semen’ and then they look at you with this sort of glazed look, like they’d rather be clubbed over the head with a nail-adorned baseball bat than be having this conversation right now. Men don’t care about looking brighter and more radiant or glowing and silky-smooth; well they do, but they don’t know they do.

Adam & Eve have therefore created something that’s kind of a serum, but isn’t a serum and is a treatment, but isn’t a treatment. The Calming Lotion is your first step after cleansing, once you’ve dried your skin off, and before your moisturiser – but never the other way around.

With Aloe Vera, Green Tea, Ginseng and Calendula as well as vitamins B, C, and E; this treatment is designed to sooth the face from shaving, exfoliating and any other skin troubles you may be experiencing – calming with soothing ingredients and protecting with well known antioxidants.

It feels silky on the skin but it will disappear into it as it gets to work deeper down; I don’t recommend going without a moisturiser on top.

Garçons Active Moisturiser

I’m a funny one with moisturisers; how about you? I like something to be deeply nourishing, soothing and hydrating, but at the same time if there’s even a hint of stickiness, residue or ‘film’; into the bin it goes. I don’t have time for it as if it’s not hydrating enough, my pores will block as the surface cells dehydrated themselves into an early death; but then if there’s grease, it’ll block the pores all by itself and exacerbate a colony of blemishes, pimples and pustules (yummy).

Surprise-surprise, Adam & Eve have got it right (I’m not being paid to endorse this by the way; I’m genuinely buzzing over this collection). With yet more Aloe Vera (you can honestly never have too much) and Mango Seed Butter, rich in Vitamins A and E, it soothes, hydrates and leaves the skin looking radiant but not shiny or greasy. The effect also lasts throughout the day; I didn’t find myself drying out after a few hours.

Also, the smell is to. die. for. With Sandalwood, great for calming the skin anyway, and bergamot oil (breaks down excess grease and helps prevent pore blockages) it’s warm yet citrussy But don’t worry, it doesn’t leave you with a fragrant face, dying down pretty much straight away.

Clear Complexion Supplement Tablets

You’re never really going to sell me on supplements I’m afraid. I take a multivitamin when I can remember; an acidophilus to help regulate good gut and bowel function (I don’t process lactose well) and then protein for muscle building. But that’s it, and they’re proven to work and do.

All ‘T’, no shade

Loading yourself up with all this other nonsense is a load of old cobblers in my opinion and as there’s only a finite amount of artificial vitamins and minerals your body can process; you’ll just end up with expensive urine as you piss it all away. If you want vitamins and minerals, eat a good balance of fruit, vegetables and meats – as we’re genetically predisposed and have evolved to do.

To medicate or not to medicate

There’s a debate still waging about treating acne with drugs or using more natural approaches. I lay my cards on the table when I say it’s drugs and a solid skin care regime every time; no amount of lavender oil, lemon juice and soggy tea-bags are going to help a full cystic outbreak.

The supplement in question

The Adam & Eve website says that their Vitamin B5 supplement “will assist greatly in clearing up spots and acne naturally, with no antibiotics or dangerous synthetic drugs that might leave you with horribly dry and reddened skin”. Their reasoning is perfectly valid, Vitamin B5 has been linked to oil control and this is accepted by many.

But, IMHO, if you’re concerned about your skin, stop messing around and Googling ‘acne home remedies’ and seek a referral to a dermatologist. Also as a side note, I don’t trust GPs on this, do push for a dermatologist referral if you can. GP’s are usually not skin experts and I’ve seen some very bizarre and antiquated treatment plans in my time – the phrase “a jack of all trades and a master of none” comes to mind which I know sounds disparaging, but skin is not their life.

In Conclusion

A fabulous range that if you’re concerned with slightly oily and unbalanced skin, blemishes and/or dullness; you really need to invest.

Price Tag

The full collection, including supplements, is available at just £42.50, and considering there are many brands where that would only just buy you the moisturiser, it’s a pretty good deal. Individually the prices range from £9.50 to £18.75. I think you’ll find you’re going to get a lot of bang for your buck as a little goes a very long way.

Lina Cavalieri

Finally, I love that their Eve Perfecting Serum features the instantly recognisable eye of Piero Fornasetti‘s muse, Lina Cavalieri through his timeless artwork.

Posted at 23:01 November 6, 2015

Just checked the website and they’re £50+ for the set?

Posted at 10:11 May 28, 2015

We are so used to buying products from the top brands that we don`t even think there is anything else,
and a gem like this may go unnoticed. Thank you Thom, for sharing this review, this is the first time I came across this brand.

Posted at 17:47 April 8, 2015
The Kentucky Gent

I’m the same way with moisturizers, and because of that I tend to stick to all natural gigs – LUSH has been a god send for me as far as skin care goes. Anything with chemicals in it and my skin isn’t a happy camper.

Josh – The Kentucky Gent

    Posted at 17:21 April 10, 2015
    Thom Watson

    Ooh which one from LUSH in particular Josh?

Posted at 16:25 April 8, 2015
Joel Griffin

Great review Thom and was surprised to see this post as I’m going to be reviewing this on my blog in a few weeks time as this brand has caught my eye greatly. Especially the ingredients and the packaging. Though I still feel the need to keep using my toner and my other treatments (masks and exfoliaters).

    Posted at 16:52 April 8, 2015
    Thom Watson

    Looking forward to hearing your thoughts! T x

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