World’s First Independent Pop-Up Clinique Boutique Store: Clinique Great Skin Lab

Clinique Skin Labs 4Clinique Skin LabsClinique Great Skin Lab 2Clinique Great Skin LabClinique Skin Labs 3Clinique Skin Labs 7Clinique have launched their first Clinique Skin Lab in London’s Covent Garden. A boutique with no department store affiliation, offering a unique and interactive environment to learn about, discover and interact with your skin.

Firstly as a side note and even though I faffed with them a bit, I can’t get over the fact I took the photos above with a mobile phone (iPhone 5S); it makes me feel so old to think about my camera-less Nokia 3310.

Say Hello to A Healthy Glow

The Clinique Skin Lab doesn’t, as of yet, offer the complete Clinique offering, but instead focuses mainly around the power of their latest addition to the brand, the Clinique Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush.

The boutique is set to be there for a total of 4 months and then the brand will evaluate its performance and decide what to do next; there may be others…

Learn about your skin with free samples

Even if you’re not looking to buy, you’ll receive a complementary and in-depth facial analysis and receive a luxury sample, custom-fit to your skin.

Dotted around the store are iPads, TV Monitors and handy-cards filled with information from dermatologists, nutritionists, existing customers and Clinique experts sharing their top tips and advice.

It’s all about learning how to take charge of your skin and turn good skin into great skin.

Covent Garden, London Central

So, if you’re London-based, you have no excuse not to check it out; you’ll definitely enjoy yourself plus there are some great exclusive gift offers to be had. F

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