Winter Skin Guide- Lotil

This was a nice little find I have to say. Lotil Original, a Fenton Pharmaceuticals brand, is a 100 year old formula for aiding and soothing dryness. I got hold of the original cream, that can be used wherever you get dryness (although it does state, the only place you shouldn’t put it is immediately around the eye area, which is fair enough, as this is special skin). Now I get very dry lips (very eczema prone), and on my hands and fingers. Up until now, I’ve been using Eucerin, which I’ve been really pleased with, however, it’s not the cheapest (although not the most expensive), but it’s no match to the 50ml Lotil Cream (£3.08 at Boots), and the Lip care with SPF 30 (£1.18 at Boots). The products pride themselves on being packed full of emollients, which are by far my favourite type of ingredients, bonding water to the skin cells. Have you ever used a product that has never sunk in and just sits on the skin? It may be filled with hundreds of oils and plant extracts, but without emollients, it ‘aint going anywhere.

The Cream:

I’m always turned off by creams and lotions for the body, because time after time, they leave me greased up like some exotic dancer. When squeezing out the product, it seemed quite thick, and I thought to myself “Here we go”. After what could have only been 5 seconds of massaging into my hands, it had completely disappeared, leaving my hands silky soft with not a drop of residue. Hazah! It has a very old fashioned medical smell that I absolutely love, but is by no means strong. My cuticles immediately looked more relieved and hydrated, and as I said, not greasy by any means.

The Lip Care, with SPF30

The product itself inside is shaped to a flat headed point at the top, which, as the product is fairly rich and compact, before it becomes heated by your lips it has quite a lot of drag, which has actually caused mine to break away at the base inside. Therefore you have to be delicate with it, which means it takes time for the product to ‘get going’ and coat the lips adequately. Once the product is on however, wow, very impressed. My lips feel completely comforted, even with the harsh and cold Mancunion winds. After several hours of wear, my lips still feel very hydrated and the product is completely matte as well, so no shiny girl lips the guys out there. I can definitely see this being one of my winter coat pocket essentials

What can I say? Give them a try!

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