Why is caffeine used in Skin Care and Cosmetics?

So you wanna know, why is caffeine used in Skin Care and Cosmetics?

Many products, especially those eye rollerballs which hit big style a couple of years ago, profess to contain caffeine. Many of you might be wondering what the hell is the use of putting caffeine on your skin? Will it make my skin hyper-active?

Well firstly kind of, there are suggestions that it can help increase blood flow to the eye area as the skin is much thinner allowing the product to penetrate and do it’s magic, but I think that’s a bit of billy bollocks, and I’m yet to be convinced. However, a huge amount of research has linked it to having fantastic anti-inflammatory properties, therefore reducing ‘puffiness’, as well as reducing histamine and soothing allergic reactions.

All I can say is that the research is yet to produce hard evidence, but at the moment, links to the above statements are pretty strong, as long as we don’t find out 10 years down the line that our eyeballs will rot out, then I’m fine.

Posted at 10:21 May 4, 2013

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