What the hell is Glycerin?

Quite a simple one. Glycerin/Glycerol is simply used as a moisturiser, most commonly in soaps targeted for dryness. It’s known as a humectant which helps reduce any loss of water and give plumpness to the skin, which is good if you’re starting to wrinkle up a bit.

Because of it’s hydrating properties, when used in small quantities, it will benefit oily skin, as oily skin can still be deficient in water. If you are dry, go to town with products containing glycerin, as it will help bond that moisture to your dried up skin cells.

On the left: One of my favourite Lush body soaps – Lem Slip. This is really moisturising, and one of it’s main ingredients is Glycerin.

Harvey Specter
Posted at 16:17 November 19, 2012

This reminds me; I know a brand which that shrugs off its basic moisturizer as being nothing special as its “just basically glycerin”. They are naturally more interested in promoting their higher priced creams, yet they won’t discontinue this been-in-the-brand-for-years product.

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