What the hell is an Anti-Oxidant?

Bare with me on this, but you will get it.

Firstly you need to understand what an oxidant is. Oxidation is a chemical reaction that can naturally occur in our bodies and cause damage. The damage is caused by something called a free radical. A free radical is an atom that has one more, or one less electron than it should. So the atom catapults it’s way through the body looking for something to stick to in order to balance itself out, but damaging other cells and DNA on it’s way, not really giving a shit how it gets there. This damage can cause cancer and heart illnesses amongst other pretty serious things.

So. An Anti-Oxidant when used in skincare, is a vitamin or mineral that supposedly assists our body’s natural methods of keeping these free radicals stable, stopping them going mental and trying to kill us. So it’s a good thing. Any foods and skincare containing them can only do you good! Eat/Drink lots of Acai berries as well apparently, as these are reportedly one of the highest concentrations of Anti-Oxidants in the world. Isn’t that nice. Everything will be OK.

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