Something for The Weekend AKA The Friday Bullet with LUSH Ltd, MUJI and Kiehl’s

This week has been a weird one. I’ve been down in London again on PR and brand meetings although it has been greatly marred/disrupted by the bloody #TubeStrikes cutting off all underground transport from Wednesday afternoon until Friday morning *rolls eyes*.

However, whilst I’ve been here, I’ve put my time to good use and gone on the prowl for great beauty, skin care and grooming finds.

LUSH Oxford Street

I’ll be reviewing these in depth next week but I paid a visit to LUSH Oxford St (read about its recent launch here) in search of something specific, as well as to see their exclusive offerings. If you didn’t already know, this particular store has over 220 exclusive products and is a space to test drive future brand launches.

LUSH Ltd Oxford Street

I was after a pre-blowdry styling lotion. I’ve been using one from Neil and Wolf but have found it lacking in both longevity and conditioning ability. Plus, I’ve decided to take more of a natural approach to my hair care as I want to keep it for as long as possible. Therefore, I was introduced to Mr. Dandy’s Hair Candy (yeah I hate the name too). It’s amazing, you’re seriously going to love it.

Mister Dandy's Hair Candy, Yuzu and Cocoa shower gel, Honey Trap Lip Balm

After using Mr. Dandy's Hair Candy

After using Mr. Dandy’s Hair Candy

Mr. Dandy's Hair Candy

Mr. Dandy’s Hair Candy

Secondly I wanted the Yuzu and Cocoa shower gel which you’re also going to love and finally at the queue to the checkout I picked up a – get this – white chocolate and honey lip balm *drools*

NEW skin care from MUJI

Another place I visited after having a meeting there was Selfridges. I love their downstairs section filled with gorgeous (but eye-wateringly expensive) homewares and knick-knacks. There is however, a large MUJI concession and one thing caught my eye – SKIN CARE.

MUJI Skin care

MUJI Skin care

MUJI is a Japanese brand that stocks amazing products and innovations but generically, with minimal branding. In Japan their distribution is amazingly wide, even being distributed in local convenience stores selling MUJI condoms.

Skin care isn’t something new to the brand but is new to the UK and available only in Selfridges Oxford St. and Manchester (for now). They have a very wide offering and the prices are unbelievable with each item retailing for between £3-£7. I will be reviewing the products I chose more in depth next week!

MUJI Skin care

MUJI Skin care

Solange Knowles & Kiehl’s Launch

Finally, check out my coverage from last night’s event with Kiehl’s and Solange Knowles event; I think you’ll enjoy it!

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